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Clean-up FAQs

I can no longer make the Planet Patrol clean up I signed up to, how do I cancel my spot?

If you are no longer able to attend your Planet Patrol session, you can cancel your booking by clicking the cancel button in the confirmation email you recieved.

To be added to the waiting list please send us an email with your name and details of the clean up you would like to attend, with the subject line ‘Waiting list request’.

Our Community Guardians organise clean ups in their local areas. To organise a litter pick in your local area as a Planet Patrol Community Guardian check out this page about how to become a Community Guardian.

You can purchase these from our shop here.

No experience is needed for our paddleboarding clean ups. All Planet Patrol clean ups are led by qualified instructors who will teach you the basics before you go on the water. Equipment is also provided. Everyone is welcome at our clean ups, whether complete beginners or seasoned paddlers! If you want to learn a bit about paddleboarding before your clean up, check out this video by Planet Patrol Founder, Lizzie Carr MBE.

Yes, everyone who signs up is provided with all the equipment needed for the session (including litter pickers, reusable gloves, bags or buckets) and everything you need for paddleboarding, canoeing, kayaking or yoga depending on the type of clean up. We recommend that you wear active wear that you can move around in and bring some water (in a reusable bottle of course).

Planet Patrol runs Paddleboarding, Canoeing, Kayak, Yoga clean ups as well as on foot litter picks organised and led by our Community Guardians.

To find a Planet Patrol clean up near you, go to the ‘Attend a Clean Up’ page here. Also check if there is Planet Patrol Community Guardian in your region, to join your regional Facebook group. That way you can keep up to date with activity in your area and join regular litter picks.

All of our activity-based clean ups (paddleboarding, canoeing, kayaking, yoga, parkour and fitness) are for 16+. Children are welcome to attend to litter picks on land under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Please get in touch by emailing hello@planetpatrol.co if you would like to bring children or if you are under 16 and would like to attend a clean up.

We require a £10 deposit to secure your spot on a clean up. If you do not attend or do not cancel your spot within 48 hours for the session you will not be refunded. If you attend the session, you can request a refund up to one week after the clean up by emailing us at hello@planetpatrol.co. If you’d prefer to donate your deposit to support Planet Patrol’s mission then you don’t need to do anything – all contributions go directly towards our operations and any donations are hugely appreciated.

We would love to hear your feedback of your experience with Planet Patrol! You can leave us feedback at this link. You can leave us a review on our Facebook page here or rate and review the Planet Patrol app – this helps other people find and download the app so we can continue to increase the amount of data we collect! For any other feedback or questions, drop us an email.

You can donate to Planet Patrol and support our mission here. For fundraising ideas check out our blogs for top tips and inspiration. Planet Patrol operates on a non-profit basis so all donations are hugely appreciated.

If you can’t make the Planet Patrol clean ups listed on our website, you can still get involved by downloading our free Planet Patrol app. Here you can join a Mission or log litter wherever, whenever. This way you can be a part of our global community of citizen scientists wherever.

Wear light, breathable clothing. Gym clothing is ideal and trainers with grip. Avoid denim.

You may want to bring a change of clothes and shoes as sometimes these get wet. If it is set to be a sunny day, bring sunscreen or apply this beforehand. You may want to bring water to stay hydrated. 

We strive to make all our clean ups single-use plastic free so please consider using a reusable container for your drink. All equipment for litter picking and the activity is provided.

See our ideas, inspiration and top tips for fundraising here. Planet Patrol operates on a non-profit basis so all donations are hugely appreciated.

You can apply to be a Planet Patrol’s Community Guardian and find out more about the programme here.

If you have signed up to a clean up and paid your deposit but haven’t received a confirmation email from Planet Patrol, please check in your spam/junk folder, in case the email has ended up there. If you still can’t find the email, please contact Planet Patrol’s team here.

Unfortunately you can’t join one of our regular clean ups using your own paddleboard/watercraft. This is due to the insurance arrangement that we have with our partners. You may be able to join a non-Planet Patrol clean up run by our partner clubs.

Planet Patrol App FAQs

How do I share user feedback about the Planet Patrol app?

To share feedback about the Planet Patrol app, either go to the menu bar in the app and click on ‘Feedback’ or share your feedback with us here.

Yes! The Planet Patrol app can be used anywhere in the world. Have a look at our ‘Litter Map’ to see where in the world our users are.

Data collected in the Planet Patrol app is analysed alongside researchers at the University of Glasgow and University of Nottingham to uncover trends and patterns. Insights are reported publicly in our annual reports and shared with relevant authorities and Government to inform and influence policy changes and improve waste management practices. You can read our reports here.

By recording the brands of litter that you collect, we are able to hold the biggest polluting brands to account and ensure they take more responsibility for the product life cycle. All of the top polluting brands recorded in the Planet Patrol app are highlighted in our public annual reports. Based on insight provided by volunteers using the app, Planet Patrol works with a number of major retailers and brands to advise on new solutions and strategies to reduce litter and increase reuse and recycling rates. We want to drive innovation and to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

You can add a photo by clicking on the button on the bottom right corner of the screen that says ‘Record your litter’. You can then either select a photo from your camera roll or take a photo in the app. Once you have taken and selected the photo, tap the photo to tag the type, brand and amount of litter.

To see the litter that you have recorded and uploaded, click on your Account profile in the menu bar in the app to see a list of your contributions. You can also zoom in and out of the global litter map to find your images. To see your position on the global leaderboard, click on ‘leaderboard’ in the menu bar.

You don’t need to take a picture of each piece individually, but you do need to ensure that each item of litter is clearly visible in the photo (so we can verify that the information is correct). Once you have selected the photo, tap on the items on the photo to add all the types, brands and amounts that are visible in the image. Don’t take photos of bags or piles of litter where individual items are not visible – this is important as it is photographic evidence to verify the details about the types, brands and amounts you input. An example of a ‘good’ photo is shown below.

If you are experiencing problems, first check that you have the latest version of the app installed. If you have the latest version and are still having problems, please leave a message clearly explaining the problem by clicking on ‘Feedback’ in the menu bar, or here. Also try exiting the app and reopening.

We recommend that you lay out the litter items you have collected on the floor, with all items visible, then take a photo of a few items at a time. An example is shown below. Once you have selected the photo, tap on the items on the photo to add all the types, brands and amounts that are visible in the image.

Yes! This is also very important data – we want to understand exactly what items of litter are polluting the environment so we can manage and prevent pollution in the first place. Many items that you find will be unbranded or fragmented and we still need to know about this.

Yes, please do! If you don’t feel comfortable picking up litter or are unable to reach litter you have seen, you can still take a photograph and add details of the types and brands visible. The data you collect is vital evidence that brands and governments cannot ignore.

Yes, you are able to select the location that the litter was collected in, rather than the location of where you took the photo as we are aware that this might not always be the same location.

Yes, you can upload all types of litter. Plastic is not the only material that pollutes the environment and we regularly find metals, glass, ceramic and other materials on Planet Patrol. In fact in 2020, almost the same number of metal drinks cans as plastic bottles were recorded. To see the breakdown of different materials and litter types that our patrollers found in 2020, read our annual litter report here.

To find your position on our global leaderboard, click on ‘Leaderboard’ in the menu bar in the app.
To join a virtual Mission and work alongside others to reach a goal number of pieces of litter, go to the menu bar and click on ‘Missions’. Scroll through the Mission list and join any that you would like to!

Images usually take 48 hours to appear on the Litter Map as they have to be moderated first. If 48 hours have passed since your upload, follow the steps below:

Go to the menu bar, click on ‘About’

  • Scroll down the About page and click on ‘RECACHE PHOTOS’
  • Then logout and login again

If this does not resolve the issue, please go to ‘Feedback’ in the app menu bar and describe the issue you are experiencing so our team can investigate.

Corporate and Business FAQ

How can I get my company involved in Planet Patrol clean ups?

Planet Patrol can organise clean ups for your company and we would love to have you involved. Find out more information and costings here and get in touch with your requirements.

You can purchase our favourite group litter picking kits on Planet Patrol’s online shop here.

See our ideas, inspiration and top tips for fundraising here. Planet Patrol operates on a non-profit basis so all donations are hugely appreciated.

Planet Patrol is a Community Interest Company (CIC), a type of charitable limited company. We are a non-profit organisation to protect, preserve and restore nature.

Planet Patrol provides talks and Q&As for companies and we would love to hear from you. Find out more information and costs here and get in touch with your requirements.

Planet Patrol takes partnerships seriously and these are all bespoke. We’re looking for forward-thinking organisations looking to make a difference and advance our mission to clean up the planet. If your company or brand would like to be a sponsor of Planet Patrol’s activities, please get in touch and tell us a bit more about your brand and objectives.

All Planet Patrol corporate clean ups are led by experienced qualified instructors and a comprehensive risk assessment is conducted prior to the clean-up. We conduct a 48 hour weather check and start the clean up with a health and safety briefing. You can read our litter picking health and safety here.

Yes, all Planet Patrol clean ups are insured and you can see our latest insurance policy here.

There are opportunities to co-brand merchandise with Planet Patrol as part of a wider partnership. You can find out more about our corporate opportunities here and then get in touch with your ideas and requirements

Water Watch FAQs

Where do I complete the survey?

You will need to download the Planet Patrol app and create an account in order to complete the Water Watch survey. If you aren’t able to download the app, or you have any issues, you can complete the survey via our  online form instead.

There is no equipment required to participate in Water Watch – it’s purely observational and you aren’t required to access the water.

It’s a nationwide survey so if you’re in the UK then you’re eligible to participate. It’s designed to be accessible to anyone – even without a scientific background. There is guidance in the Planet Patrol app to help identify particular species, wildlife or signs of pollution and there’s lots of resources on the website too.

Yes, of course. You are welcome to survey multiple waterways or visit different parts of the same waterway, just make sure you start a new survey for each site you visit. We want to cover as many of the UK’s waterways as possible to give us lots of insights.

We recommend taking around 15 minutes to complete the survey but you can spend as long (or as little) time as you like observing your surroundings for signs of wildlife and pollution, whilst completing the survey on the Planet Patrol app.

There’s no experience necessary and you don’t need to have any scientific experience or background to participate. Spring Water Watch is open to everyone and we’re here to help guide you through step by step.

Spring Water Watch is surveying the UK’s freshwater habitats, so if you live near a coastal area and want to take part, have a look on a map to find your nearest river/canal/stream/lake/pond or freshwater estuary.

All the information you record in the Planet Patrol app will be analysed by the team and the findings will be released publicly. If you’ve chosen to opt-in to receive further updates about Spring Water Watch, we’ll share the results via our newsletter and  our website, Instagram and TikTok social channels


If you have a question about Spring Water Watch you can contact us by emailing hello@planetpatrol.co or message us on Instagram and Twitter or you can contact our Facebook page.

Not a single waterway in England is in good health and government funding cuts have resulted in a drastic reduction of water quality testing. Water Watch will help to fill these knowledge gaps. The data collected will be crucial in helping to understand more about what is happening to the nation’s waterways, and what measures and further testing needs to be put in place at a local level to help protect them.
If you come across a major pollution or environmental incident during Spring Water Watch, you should contact the Environment Agency incident hotline at: 0800 80 70 60.
If you have any issues submitting your survey in the app, you can complete the survey using our online form. If you need any further assistance you can complete a feedback form in the Planet Patrol app or email us at hello@planetpatrol.co.
Yes, we recommend you read our health and safety guidance before heading out on Water Watch and you can also refer to it whilst out conducting your survey.
Yes, we have a template risk assessment at the end of our Health and Safety guidance. We recommend you complete this ahead of conducting the Water Watch survey to assess any potential risks or hazards for you and anyone participating with you.
You can get involved in our activity based litter picking clean ups – including paddle boarding litter picks, yoga and parkour. These take place across the UK, USA and Europe throughout the year. You can also sign up to find out more about being involved in our water quality testing programme.

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