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Tracking litter locally and globally

To solve the single-use and plastic pollution crisis, it is crucial that we have a deep understanding of it.

We have built the first ever reliable and freely available app for you to help identify global pollution trends. It’s now used to log all litter in a database of real-time information about pollution. If you see it, we want to know about it.

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The Litter Map

All photos categorised in the app is shown in our interactive map, helping to identify trends and patterns all over the world.

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To solve a problem, we must first understand it

Your contribution makes a difference

Planet Patrol depends on people power.

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How it works

We needs your help to log litter you find in your local area on our ‘Litter Map’.

This data helps uncover insights into the trends and patterns of litter to inform evidence-based solutions to stop the problem at the source.

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Why does it matter?

29 million tons of plastic is predicted to enter our oceans by 2040, nearly triple the current rate.

Currently we don’t know much beyond this as there is no well-established data about non-plastic pollution like metal and glass.

We don’t have time to waste guessing to solve the problem while litter continues to pollute our environment.

Our research

We’ve partnered with researchers at Nottingham Trent University and the University of Glasgow in the UK, who review and analyse everything logged in the app.

The data you collect is evidence and helps us understand the types, distribution, amount and brands of litter (plastics, glass, cans etc) we are finding.  

With that information we can help to stop the problem at the source by developing targeted solutions for smarter packaging, policy changes and responsible behaviours.

A word from the Nottingham Trent University

“Planet Patrol’s platform offers an incredible opportunity to better understand the distribution and diversity of the litter in our landscape.

The data collected has the potential to identify the most appropriate strategies to mitigate plastic pollution from local to national scales.

By identifying each item of litter to type and, where possible brand, this initiative will produce one of the most comprehensive databases of litter available to us all.

Not only will this be invaluable to an increasingly environmentally aware society, but it could also inform industries of the fate of the disposable products they produce at a scale that cannot be ignored.”

Dr Tom Stanton, Lecturer and Researcher, Nottingham Trent University

Read the latest Litter Report

Over the last three years Planet Patrol volunteers around the world have recorded over 340,000 pieces of litter in nature and recorded it all in the free Planet Patrol app.
We’re proud to share our second litter impact report, presenting the findings of Planet Patrol’s community. Working closely with our partner scientists at Nottingham Trent University and the University of Glasgow, we’ve analysed the litter data and gathered a true understanding of the extent of litter recorded in the UK, broken down by brands, types and distribution.
The impact report makes a number of recommendations, including a nationwide ban on single-use carrier bags, and a call for much clearer and stronger waste producer responsibilities. This series of reports by Planet Patrol will be essential for assessing the adequacy of policy interventions and industry’s sustainability commitments in an important decade for environmental protection.

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Building a

Over the last three years we have collected over 440 tons of litter from inland waterways, parks, mountains and beaches, before it reaches the oceans. 

That’s equivalent to the weight of over 43 million plastic water bottles!

With your help, we can continue to tackle the global single-use crisis.

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