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We Did It!

More than 100 people took part in the world's first paddle boarding relay to monitor the quality of England's rivers.

The 28-day challenge tested water quality every 5km during a 642km relay that started in Surrey on September 11 and finished in Cumbria on October 8.

A remarkable 420 water quality readings were gathered and documented in Planet Patrol’s cutting-edge app, giving a near real-time view into water health across the country.

The data revealed a staggering 83% of waterways tested showed evidence of sewage pollution, surpassing the established threshold levels of coliform bacteria deemed safe for human bathing.

Results also showed 74% of the testing sites failed to meet current phosphate standards, with alarming rates observed in the River Thames (93% failure rate) and the River Wey (88% failure rate).

Additionally, elevated levels of nitrates were recorded at 42% of the sites. Nitrates and phosphates, common forms of nutrient pollution stemming from wastewater treatment, sewage, and agriculture, pose severe threats to aquatic environments. These pollutants can contribute to harmful algal blooms and oxygen depletion in the water, posing risks to both biodiversity and public health

85% of Colifform tests failed


of Nitrates tests failed


of Phosphate tests were above safe limits


of pH readings outside tolerable range