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Exploring plastic pollution with Virtual Reality

We caught up with Georgia Tucker, an award-winning environmental artist using Virtual Reality to draw attention to, and raise awareness of current environmental concerns facing our planet.

What is your latest exhibition all about? 

Conniveo is a physical and virtual reality installation which focuses on marine pollution; particularly plastic pollution, oil pollution and dead zones. The virtual environment explores a world that is a not too distant future if we continue consumerism at the rate we are.

What first inspired you to create the exhibition and raise awareness of plastic pollution?

As an environmental artist, I have always focused on raising awareness of current environmental concerns facing our planet. The plastic pollution crisis is something which many people have struggled to accept and I wanted to create an environment that people can enter, becoming fully immersed in this issue. I pitched this to the BBC, and alongside Arts Council England, they commissioned me to turn my idea into reality.

Why did you pick the tropical ocean as the setting for the VR experience?

The VR is centred around a tropical aquatic environment on an uninhabited island which is ‘far away from anywhere and anyone else on Earth’. I am portraying an environment which many will never experience first-hand especially not on a regular basis – VR fully immerses the viewer and forces them to engage with the topic more actively.

What’s your top eco tip?

My top eco tip would be to just do what you can and don’t be lazy. There is no reason to buy plastic bottles anymore when there are so many reusable alternatives. There is also no need to purchase a plastic bag from the supermarket when a lot of places offer tote bags for only a small amount more and these can be rolled up and kept in your bag all the time. If you are just more mindful of your actions daily and make small changes, these are a lot easier to maintain than suddenly becoming completely zero-waste and self sufficient etc.

How can people get involved and visit the exhibition?

The exhibition is touring the UK and is due to be in Birmingham again and Nottingham as part of a group show, these have unfortunately been postponed due to COVID-19 but if you follow my social accounts and website I will be posting the new dates. It will also be in Plymouth at the National Marine Aquarium for the whole of August and will be available through free booking slots. Other exhibitions are yet to be announced but will all be posted as mentioned above!
You can find out more about the Conniveo exhibition and Georgia’s work at https://www.georgiatucker.co.uk/

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