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Planet Patrol’s Global Clean Up Day

1 day. 100s of volunteers. 1000s pieces of litter removed from nature.

World Clean Up Day is on Saturday 19th September 2020. For one day people across the globe will unite to pick up and map rubbish. Join us and hundreds of thousands of people on Planet Patrol to clean up our rivers, forests, oceans, beaches and communities of litter.

Let’s show the world we can do something about the problem.

World Clean Up Day 2020

Planet Patrol runs clean ups throughout the year. But this day is special. We’re on a mission to get rid of 250,000 pieces of litter from nature in a single day – and you can get involved.

1. Download the Planet Patrol litter tracking app
2. Get outside
3. Record the litter you find – every piece counts

So whether you have 2 minutes or 20, on a walk with the family ‍ ‍ ‍ , going shopping , outside on a date , walking the dog or hiking in the hills, you can be part of the efforts and help us reach the 250K target just by using your phone.

It’s simple. It won’t take long. It’s crucial that we gather evidence to solve the crisis.

What is the Planet Patrol app?

The Planet Patrol app helps us – and you – record litter you find easily and quickly. Why? 8 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every single year. At the moment we don’t know much beyond this. There is an enormous gap in our understanding and litter keeps polluting and harming wildlife.

We don’t have time to waste guessing how to solve the problem.

Everything you log in the app is analysed by our partner researchers. The information collected is hugely valuable – it’s like gathering evidence! Your data helps us to understand the types, distribution, amount and brands of plastic (and other waste like glass, cans etc) we are finding so we can work with industry and government to implement urgent solutions.

Your contribution is vital

Before World Clean Up Day we had 280,000+ pieces of rubbish logged across over 82 countries. Our goal for the 19th September is to increase this to 500,000 in one day. Ambitious, but achievable.

Join the movement

Join us on Saturday 19th September in the fight against litter.

Anyone can pick up litter. Anyone can use the app. If there is just one thing that you do on Saturday 19th September, do a #PlanetPatrol clean up. Every piece matters.

Let’s keep fighting the fight to end the crisis. 

Download the app for free in the App and Play Store: https://planetpatrol.co/download-our-app/


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