Live workouts and litter picks with people across the world. We've collected 395541 pieces so far! Join us!

Join our global movement. Our mission is simple: clean up our planet.

How do we do this? 

  • Planet Patrol combines activities, like paddle boarding, yoga, running, fitness, with litter picking and data collection.
  • Our free app helps volunteers gather photographic evidence of brands, types and locations of litter polluting nature globally.

How does the database help?

  • Logs what’s thrown away and where to help develop targeted solutions
  • Helps identify the polluters to hold accountable
  • Shape government policies to eliminate single use materials

What we do

We research

We research

We’re building global evidence through our litter tracking app. Our scientific partners then analyse the data you collect to find solutions to the issue.
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We educate

We educate

We work with young people and uni students, helping them to be the change makers. From providing educational resources to volunteering opportunities, everyone can help create the future they believe in.
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Business pledge

Business pledge

We provide companies with free, simple and cost-effective checklists to eliminate single use products.
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Corporate opportunites

Corporate opportunities

We collaborate with organisations both big and small to make positive environmental and social change happen at scale. Use your business to make a real difference!
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With your help

Planet Patrol depends on people power.

Our action together in numbers:

Litter examples uploaded
Ton bags of litter collected

Support Planet Patrol with a donation

Every person can help make a difference today. Regular giving not only helps keep the planet clean, it enables Planet Patrol to accelerate change and develop long term solutions for the planet’s future.

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