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Race for Rivers combined paddle boarding with water quality testing and data collection every 5km, during a 642km challenge across the length of England’s waterways. Over 100 amazing volunteers signed…

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The countdown to Spring Water Watch is officially on - only 9 days to go!

You can take part anytime between Friday 26th - Monday 29th April. Tell your friends, grab your family and head to the nearest river, canal, lake or stream to get involved.

It’s an easy way to take positive environmental action and help give our waterways a much needed health check.

It takes just 15 minutes to answer some simple questions about what you can see around you like litter and wildlife.

You don’t need any equipment or experience to get involved, just you and your phone!

By taking part in our citizen science observational survey, you’ll be helping to collect vital information on the health of our ways to improve them for all.

Download the app now to get started. See you out there!

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The sun is shining and the tulips are out - it’s nearly time.

From Friday 26th - Monday 29th April you can take part in Spring Water Watch, our free observational survey to give our waterways a much needed health check.

Did we mention it’s free? Just download our app and answer the questions in the survey - it couldn’t be easier! 

1. Download the Planet Patrol app
2. Visit your local waterway and spend just 15 minutes observing what’s around you
3. Submit your findings

In just 15 minutes you can help provide valuable insights into the overall health of the nations waterways.

Save the date!

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The countdown is officially on!  Only 4 days to go until our first clean up of the season, who’s joining?

If you want to take action for Earth Day and beyond, head to our website to sign up to our free events.

You can join walking, paddleboarding, kayaking or yoga clean ups for free! Everyone is welcome, we provide all the kit and no experience is necessary.

Spaces are limited - what are you waiting for?

20th April - London 

Sunday 21st April - London 

Monday 22nd April - Leeds 

Monday 22nd April - Bristol 

Monday 22nd April - Kent 

Monday 22nd April - Egham 

Monday 20th April - Kettering 

Monday 22nd April - Liverpool 

Monday 22nd April - Tamworth 

Monday 22nd April - Bedford 

Monday 22nd April - Newcastle 

Monday 22nd April - Richmond 

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We’re kicking off our free events this year from 20th April - just in time for Earth Day! Join us to get outside and take action for the planet.

You can try paddleboarding, kayaking, yoga or take part in walking events for FREE across England. Spaces are limited, sign up now to bag your spot.

10am Saturday 20th April - London - Walking litter pick

9am Sunday 21st April - London - Paddleboarding

9:30am Monday 22nd April - Leeds - Paddleboarding

10am Monday 22nd April - Bristol - Paddleboarding

10am Monday 22nd April - Kent - Paddleboarding

11am Monday 22nd April - Egham - Paddleboarding

11am Monday 20th April - Kettering - Walking litter pick

3pm Monday 22nd April - Liverpool - Paddleboarding

4:30pm Monday 22nd April - Tamworth - Paddleboarding

5pm Monday 22nd April - Newcastle - Paddleboarding

5pm Monday 22nd April - Richmond - Paddleboarding

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Here we go…. 2024 clean up dates are live on the website!

This year we’re kicking things off for Earth Day from 20th April. The theme for this year is ‘Planet vs Plastics’, which couldn’t be more perfect to start a new season of taking action.

Choose from water sports like paddleboarding or kayaking, or if you fancy a slower pace grab a spot at one of our walking litter picks instead. Every piece of litter we find is removed from nature and recorded in the Planet Patrol app to gather vital evdience.

All our public events are free to participate in, that’s right FREE. Everyone is welcome, no experience is necessary and we provide all the kit! All you need to do is turn up and get stuck in.

Head over to our website to reserve a spot while you can. Keep your eyes peeled, more events are added all the time with new locations too.

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