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Power to the people: kickstart change in your community

Planet Patrol is all about giving power to the people 👊 and now we’re inviting you to use our data to take direct action on issues you care about in your local community.

Creating change is tough but we’re here to help. Thousands of Planet Patrol volunteers have been recording litter in our app since 2017 and now, with nearly half a million pieces logged, we have plenty of evidence to hold offenders – big and small – to account and enough intel to inform real, lasting solutions to eradicate litter.

We know that when you combine hard evidence with passion, you really can make a difference. Never underestimate the power of individual action.

So, if you need some support to make positive changes in your local community, we’re here to help. 

What you can do with Planet Patrol’s evidence 🔍

✅ Get your local council to provide more recycling bins or empty bins more often by showing them just how much recyclable litter (and exactly what litter) is found in your area 🗑

✅ Persuade your local cafe to accept reusable cups or put up more signs incentivising people to use their reusables. How? Present them with information on the amount and brands of coffee cup litter nearby, and how they can make a direct impact in tackling that problem.

✅ Persuade your MP to support an upcoming Parliamentary Bill, for example banning wet wipes or introducing compulsory charges on disposable drinks cups, by emailing them evidence about how the problem directly impacts their constituency.

✅ Encourage your local corner shop to stop selling plastic bags or put up signs about bringing your own bags. Share info about plastic bag litter and how this small change could make a difference locally.

✅ Ask a park or beauty spot to put up signs about taking home your litter, or provide more recycling bins, by giving them data on litter found nearby so they know that they can improve ♻️

✅ Get your office to stop providing plastic bottles and disposable cups – show them the stats about plastic bottle or cup litter in their area and how the company could help reduce this locally

✅ Help your local takeaway to accept reusable containers – show them the impact of polystyrene or paper takeaway packaging, and help them see the other options

✅ Encourage your school to stop providing disposable juice cartons and plastic bottles and instead provide drinks in reusable cups. Show them the data about litter around the school and how they can educate the kids and families to make a difference.

✅ Seeing fast food litter everywhere? Show your local council or fast food outlet the real stats 🥤 and demand change.

Got an idea about a change you’d like to see or have an issue that you’d like to tackle? Get in touch by filling out the form below to request information from Planet Patrol.

Ready to make an impact? 🌏

Want to find out more about Planet Patrol’s litter data and how it’s collected? Check out our latest Litter Report. You can also take a look at our global litter map here so see uploads from all over the world.

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