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Planet Patrol for Students

Our new Key Stage Three & Four resources

This programme is dedicated to empowering young people aged 11 to 16 who are determined to make a positive and lasting impact on the world. This has been put together by teachers, for teachers.

It all starts with your students, and we believe that even at this age, they can contribute significantly. We focus on simplifying environmental issues and providing practical ways for them to get involved in implementing solutions.

To ensure our lessons are effective, we will conduct surveys at the beginning and end of the program, helping us understand its usefulness and adapt as needed.

Our curriculum covers six essential themes:

  1. Microplastics 

  2. Fast fashion

  3. Cleaning products

  4. Litter and local community 

  5. Water Quality 

  6. Period products

It’s our responsibility as adults to give the next generation the tools and information they need to make positive environmental action. We hope this lesson will help to equip your students.

This pack includes resources for theme one of our curriculum: Microplastics. The subsequent five themes will be added soon.

If you have any feedback or suggestions in relation to these resources, please get in touch with us at

Planet Patrol for kids: free eco resource pack

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Aimed at 6 – 11 year olds, this programme empowers kids to reduce litter and waste. 

recent study revealed:

  • 73% of children are worried about the state of the planet
  • Nearly 1 in 5 children having bad dreams about climate change.
  • 64% don’t believe people in power are listening to them when they do talk about their concerns about climate change.

Planet Protectors fights to change this.

✅ Litter Detectives: enjoy a litter pick and record findings in the Planet Patrol app 

✅ Additional learning resources available to download (presentations, worksheets, activities) 

✅ All completely free for use at home or at school

✅ Designed and developed by pupils, teachers, parents and the Planet Patrol team 

✅ Nationwide School’s Competition in 2021, involving 100s of schools and children UK-wide on climate change

Anyone from schools to Beaver and Rainbow groups, kids clubs to parents & carers can register and get involved.

Downloads: Planet Protector Resources

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