People power and data collection. 493075 pieces of litter so far! Join us!

One million pieces for one million species

We couldn’t find a reliable way to gather evidence against the source of litter pollution, so we built our own.

Every year, one million marine animals die from plastic pollution. It’s time to create accountability, and with the power of technology available at our fingertips we can all do something.

By downloading our Planet Patrol App, you can photograph and categorise any litter you see in nature – where it shouldn’t be. Our dedicated scientists will use our insight to identify trends and patterns globally, helping us put responsibility back in the hands of the brands and manufacturers responsible.

Join our army of patrollers all over the world and help us in the fight against single use plastic pollution as we strive to remove one million pieces for one million species.

of 1 million pieces collected so far

Why log what we collect?

Every piece of litter removed is a victory, but it’s not enough without logging it as evidence.

We’ve teamed up with researchers at the University of Nottingham and Glasgow, who support Planet Patrol to review and analyse the data collected by you to better understand the hotspots where litter is at it’s most harmful. With this kind of data, we can better mobilise clean-ups, but more importantly, we can create vital evidence to help everyone, from you the individual to the large manufacturers reduce the amount of single-use materials we use.

Volunteer using the Planet Patrol app to log litter

Litter Map

Every single photo shared as part of #PlanetPatrol is captured in this interactive map, creating a global picture to help identify patterns and trends all over the world.

Zoom in for more photos and click on them to enlarge.

A word from Dr Tom Stanton

“Planet Patrol’s platform offers an incredible opportunity to better understand the distribution and diversity of the litter that is present in the UK’s inland waterbodies. The data collected has the potential to identify the most appropriate strategies to mitigate plastic pollution from local to national scales. By identifying each item of litter to type and, where possible brand, this initiative will produce one of the most comprehensive databases of litter available to the public, to policy, and to industry. Not only will this be invaluable to an increasingly environmentally aware society, but it could also inform industries of the fate of the disposable products they produce at a scale that cannot be ignored.”

Dr Tom Stanton, Lecturer in Environmental Science and Freshwater Scientist at Nottingham Trent University 

How can you get involved?

It’s as easy as See It, Snap It, Map It.

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