People power and data collection. 493075 pieces of litter so far! Join us!

The planet needs us more now that ever before

During the coronavirus pandemic we have been unable to run our ‘normal’ clean ups. But the problem of litter and unsustainable use of resources has not gone away. In fact, it is increasing. By 2030 the amount of plastic waste entering oceans is predicted to double to 16 million tonnes and without clean up activity litter levels are increasing. 

Over 10 weeks in June, July and August, our favourite fitness and wellbeing instructors will be leading home workouts – yoga, pilates, HIIT, breath work – on Instagram Live every week for you to join. We’ll then all head outside near our homes to litter pick and track the brands we find in our app.

Far more than litter picking

This is far more than just doing a work out and litter picking near home. You’ll be joining thousands of people from all over the world helping to build the largest and most influential dataset about litter polluting the environment. Data collected is being used to drive positive and impactful changes by industry and governments. 

Only 9% of you want to go back to ‘normal’ after the coronavirus pandemic. We’re all increasingly aware that the health of the planet and people are inseparable. Together we have the chance to shape a ‘new normal’ that works for people and planet.

Your impact so far

Examples of Waste Uploaded
#PlasticPatrollers Globally

How to get involved

  • Follow @onplanetpatrol on Instagram for updates on the timings of live workouts with our favourite fitness and wellbeing instructors.

  • Download our app and create an account ready for your #PlanetPatrol litter pick.

  • Read our health and safety guidelines for safe and socially-distanced litter picking here.

  • Join our live workouts, get motivated and move your body alongside people across the world

  • Get outside and take photos of litter you find in our app, making sure to record the brands. We use the data to stop polluting brands and influence change.

Take the #5piecechallenge

  1. Share a photo of yourself with 5 pieces of litter that you have recorded in our app, Planet Patrol, on Instagram, nominating 5 more people to take the challenge.
  2. Write the following caption and nominate 5 others to take the challenge:
    Take 5. Nominate 5.Record 5 pieces of litter in the @onplanetpatrol app. It’s more than just litter picking – you’re contributing to powerful global research into offending brands to help stop litter polluting the planet!
  3. Share a screenshot of the Planet Patrol app after you have recorded the litter you found

Individual actions can ripple across the world with the power of social media. Simply by sharing a photo and tagging 5 others to take the challenge we can create a huge wave of change.

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