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Become a Planet Patrol Rep

Join our growing network of qualified instructors leading the way to a litter-free future. Whether you’re a yoga, paddleboard, kayak, parkour, Pilates instructor or PT, you can get involved.

Planet Patrol reps lead litter picks combined with activities across the world following our clean up blueprint (see ‘handbook’), inspiring thousands of people to try new sports, re-connect with nature and change behaviours to live more sustainably. Your clean ups play a vital role in the collection of data on the types and brands of litter found to hold brands and Government accountable and shape evidence based solutions to stop litter polluting in the first place.

 To become a Planet Patrol rep you must have a valid instructor qualification for your activity, valid public liability and professional indemnity insurance for your activity and be able to provide equipment required for your activity to participants (e.g. paddleboards, buoyancy aids, paddles. Planet Patrol provides litter picking equipment).

How does Planet Patrol help me to run clean ups?

Over the years we’ve run 100s of clean ups and working with 100+ activity providers. Planet Patrol:

  • Manages all sign ups to your clean ups via the Planet Patrol clean up page so we can track numbers and we let you the names of people who have signed up
  • Creates Facebook events for your clean ups, with you added as a co-host
  • Promotes your clean ups on our social channels
  • Provides social assets and resources for you to share across your channels about your involvement and to promote your events
  • Invites you to join our Rep Facebook Group to share ideas with like-minded people
  • Provides litter picking equipment – Planet Patrol buckets, litter pickers, reusable gloves, reusable bags
  • Provides insurance to cover you for litter picking
  • Provides an initial training video call and support whenever you need it

We are always looking for new reps, either individual instructors or clubs, to help us in our mission to eliminate single-use materials and litter and (re)connect people with nature. It’s as simple as combining litter picking with an activity – whatever your idea – please get in touch!

Please note that the agreement that you will sign during the application process will only commence when Planet Patrol provides confirmation to you that you have passed the screening process and have been accepted as a Rep!

How to apply to become a Planet Patrol Rep.


Check out our Rep handbook to understand our expectations of you and your role, and what you can expect from us.


Sign up! Fill out the application form to tell us about yourself and sign our agreement form.


Once you’ve applied, someone from the Planet Patrol team will be in touch to arrange a video call with you to talk through the next steps, information on the Planet Patrol app, details of your activity clean ups and answer any questions that you have.


You’re now ready to get started in your new role! We organise delivery of litter picking equipment and help promote your clean-ups on our website and social media.

Not for you? Not a problem – you can still volunteer in other ways – you can check them out here! You can also meet the rest of our team here!

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