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Join a trusted network of responsible cafes, bars and restaurants taking positive sustainable actions for the local community and nature

Single-use items are major contributors to the climate crisis:

Production releases greenhouse gas emissions

Plastic packaging, bottles, cans, polystyrene, bags and other single-use packaging are the top offenders found on Planet Patrol clean ups  

We need to stop the problem at source for long-lasting change.

The Planet Patrol Eco Pledge provides a simple, effective framework helping venues to make sustainable choices towards the ultimate goal of ‘packaging negative’.

Get your Eco Pledge guide with the checklist of criteria to meet and practical solutions:

Already taken positive sustainable steps and  want to apply? 

To apply to take the Eco Pledge you must:

  • Complete a minimum of four criteria on our checklist (see guide or application form)

  • Pick up and document 500 pieces of litter in the Planet Patrol app

Benefits of taking the Eco Pledge

Ways Planet Patrol supports businesses taking the Eco Pledge – what we do for you:

✅ Place you on Planet Patrol’s national map of trusted venues who have taken the Eco Pledge to help new customers find you

✅ Provide digital Eco Pledge logo and assets for use on your website and social channels

✅ Promote your Eco Pledge progress to Planet Patrol’s audience 

✅ Support you in communicating your sustainability journey: marketing advice and digital assets for use in your communications

✅ Access Planet Patrol’s network of sustainable brands with opportunities to co-brand sustainable and reusable merchandise

✅ Provide window sticker and tent card for display in venue (coming later 2021)

✅ Opportunities to be part of future Planet Patrol initiatives, helping drive additional footfall.

More than 90% of consumers say they would be more likely to go to a venue that publicises its environmental impact

78% of consumers say it is no longer acceptable for companies just to make money – they need to positively impact society 

If customers don’t feel a business is doing their bit to save the environment there is almost a 90% chance they won’t visit that business again.

There is an estimated £0.88 trillion opportunity for businesses that make sustainability credentials clear

What is 'packaging negative'?

‘Packaging negative’ means your venue removes more packaging from the environment than it uses.

You have refillable and reusable systems in place, don’t use single-use packaging (coffee cups, bottles, cups, sachets etc) and litter pick to remove litter from the local area. If you use some single-use packaging, to be ‘packaging negative’ you must remove more litter from nature than you use as a venue.

Towards 'packaging negative' status

Take responsibility for your business’s environmental footprint. Set the ambitious goal to be a ‘packaging negative’ business:

  • Eliminate single-use packaging from your venues and implement reusable or refillable systems: use the Planet Patrol Eco Pledge guide to help you
  • Remove litter from the environment and record in the Planet Patrol app to track progress
  • Engage and empower your community: invite them to download the Planet Patrol app and record litter, helping you reach your goal

Want to become packaging negative? Take the Eco Pledge and get in touch with Planet Patrol to discuss your business and track progress to packaging negative.

Coming soon: Interactive Map connecting sustainably-minded customers with sustainably-minded food and drink venues who have taken the Eco Pledge. Click on a pin to see an example business profile.

Already taken the Eco Pledge with Planet Patrol but have completed more criteria and removed more single-use items? Let us know the additional steps you have taken and we will update your profile on Planet Patrol’s national map so new customers can see the progress that you’ve made. If any of your company details have changed, also let us know.

Have any questions? Email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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