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Home Clean-Ups Paddleboarding and beach clean – Massachusetts, USA

Paddleboarding and beach clean – Massachusetts, USA


8:00 am - 10:00 am


Jun 05 2022


Coast to Coast Paddle
Coast to Coast Paddle, Salem Willows, 167 Fort Avenue, Salem, MA 01915

Planet Patrol is redefining what can be achieved through collective action and people-powered data by placing the power in the hands of the people to tackle environmental issues. Over the last six years our volunteers around the world have been gathering almost half a million pieces of litter data, building the biggest and most scientifically robust bank of evidence to drive lasting change from the top down and bottom up.

By participating in this Planet Patrol clean up you are taking action and becoming part of the solution, helping us measure and monitor litter across the USA. Our qualified instructors will show you the basics and provide everything you need including a paddle board, litter pick and a bucket to put all your litter in. 

You will be expected to record all the litter you pick up in the Planet Patrol app at the end of the session, so make sure you download this and set up an account beforehand. 

Every piece you record helps build powerful evidence that would otherwise be impossible to capture. This allows Planet Patrol to challenge, inform, and help solve major environmental issues using hard facts – not guesswork.

Look out for your confirmation email confirming your spot and more information about what to expect on the day, what to wear and the meeting location.

This clean-up is currently full.

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Coast to Coast Paddle


Coast to Coast Paddle
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