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Autumn Water Watch

14th, 15th and 16th October

Water is central to the health, well-being and livelihood of everyone on this planet. In the UK, the biggest risk to water quality is the ongoing lack of sampling, monitoring and reporting.

The impact on both human health and the ecosystems that rely on them are still largely unobserved and unreported.

Right now we have a monumental information gap that needs to be urgently filled, and that can be started through simple observations – something we can all do. 

If you don’t truly understand the problem, how can you solve it?

At Planet Patrol, we are taking matters into our own hands.

This October we’re launching Autumn Water Watch. It’s the first ever nationwide observational study of our freshwater environments, building a coherent, consistent and comprehensive picture of the state of our waterways in real-time.

How to Get Involved

Head down to your local waterway between 14th, 15th and 16th October 2022.

It can be a river, canal, stream or lake –  any freshwater environment. 

Spend up to 15 minutes observing your surroundings, using the Planet Patrol app to guide what indicators you look for, and record all your findings in the app.

Go alone or take your family, friends or even your pets! It doesn’t matter how you do it, it just matters that you do it. Every single contribution is important. 

Download the App:

Alternatively you can complete Autumn Water Watch survey in our online form.

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Useful Information

Select a waterway to observe and visit during daylight hours for best visibility

If you need help finding a waterway do a Google search or look for a waterway near your location on 
Google Maps.

You will need to sign up and login to the Planet Patrol app ready to complete your survey.

If you have a thermometer at home, take this with you as there is an option to record water temperature and don’t forget to read our Health & Safety Guidance in advance.

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Register Interest to Become a Water Tester

‘What Lies Beneath’ will be the most comprehensive people-powered data collection activation of its kind – and we need your help!

You don’t need a scientific background. Your involvement will give us the insights needed to push for more ambitious standards for water quality across the UK.

Register your interest in being a part of this groundbreaking programme by filling out the form here.

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