Live workouts and litter picks with people across the world. We've collected 397147 pieces so far! Join us!

About Planet Patrol

We’ve taken on the challenge to ensure our future is free of pollution.

Planet Patrol was set up in 2016 and we’ve already removed over a quarter of a million pieces of litter across 80+ countries. Planet Patrol exists to protect, preserve and restore nature by addressing the pressing threats of pollution. With your help we can continue our mission to stop pollution at source.

Together we are community activists. We are mental health advocates. We are innovators. We are system-changers.

Our why

  • 1.3 billion tonnes of plastics is projected to spill out into the environment in the next 20 years globally
  • Globally, land-origin plastic costs the economy up to $19 billion every year
  • More than two million pieces of litter are dropped every day in the UK each day, costing £663 million annually to clean up
  • 83% of tap water is contaminated with plastic fibres
  • Only 14% of England’s rivers meet ‘good’ environmental standards 
  • In 2019 dangerous pollutants in England’s rivers reached their highest levels since modern testing began. 

We are responsible. Single-use materials and other pollutants are entirely man-made – every piece you see littering our planet is a direct result of our own actions.

Our mission

We’re working to eliminate single use materials and litter, protecting our planet and wildlife for the future. 

We believe that by working together (that means you!) and collecting evidence on litter found polluting the environment we can make Governments change policies and hold brands to account to stop them producing single use items.

How we work to achieve change:

Changing behaviours

  • Raise public awareness and educate people about the harmful effects of waste and what we can all do about it
  • Build a diverse movement of #PlanetPatrollers, mobilising communities and bringing people together to take collective action through our clean up and community guardian programmes
  • Inspire people to consume less
  • Reconnect people with nature and show it’s value for mental and physical health
  • Provide people with a free app for data gathering to help scientific research into waste and litter
Causing industrial change
  • Conduct research that shines a light on the environmental impacts of products and provide insights to accelerate development of solutions
  • Influence and challenge brands and industry to change by providing evidence and consumer pressure
  • Create tools and resources to help businesses eliminate waste
  • Incentivise and promote transparency and accountability from production to ‘end-of-life’
  • Empower individuals to influence culture change in their companies around sustainability issues
Influencing Government
  • Gather evidence on litter to inform policy changes that incentivise a circular economy and reduce waste and hold Government to account
  • Advocate for policy changes and influence Government to play a more active role in better enforcing laws and regulating the industry.

How clean ups work

We organise clean ups all over the world to bring communities together, for people who want to do their bit and have a little adventure at the same time.  The clean ups can be inland or on our waterways. Every clean up, where litter is picked up, photographed and logged in the Planet Patrol app, helps our environment.

Sign up to join a clean up adventure we have listed or do your own independent litter pick

Collect litter together

Photograph and log your haul on the Planet Patrol app

Spread the word through social media and tag @onplanetpatrol & #PlanetPatrol to tell us what you’ve been up to!

About the Founder

In 2016 Lizzie Carr, aka Lizzie Outside, launched Planet Patrol after seeing how flooded our waterways are with plastic pollution.

She’s a born adventurer and has dedicated herself to exploring the UK by paddle board using her journey to highlight and educate on wider environmental issues affecting our land and waterways.

In May 2016 she became the first person in history to paddle board the entire length of Britain’s waterways, solo and unsupported. In 2017 she was the first woman to paddleboard solo across the English channel. In 2018 she was the first person to paddle board the entire length of the Hudson River in America. Each of these world firsts has a purpose: to use adventure as a way to raise awareness and highlight environmental issues globally

These achievements have earned Lizzie international recognition from both media and the general public. Lizzie has written for publications including The Telegraph, The Guardian and the United Nations and appeared BBC Politics Live, The One Show, CNN and other global networks as a recognised and trusted voice on environmental issues. 

In 2020 Lizzie was awarded the Prime Minister’s Point of Light and was awarded ‘Inspiration of the Year’ Award at the Stylist Magazine awards. She is also a LinkedIn Changemaker

In August 2020, Lizzie launched her much anticipated podcast, ‘Earthshakers’, that delves into the minds of people shaking up the planet. 

#PlanetPatrol began as a one woman mission on a paddle board and has grown into a global movement of like-minded people working together on land and water to protect the planet.

Lizzie Carr on a paddleboard

Meet the team

Liz Heard

Programmes Manager

Liz Heard, Programmes Manager

Liz joined the Planet Patrol team in 2018 and sits at the helm of delivering all Planet Patrol’s global campaigns. She is involved in everything from research and strategy development to managing our network of Reps and Community Guardians - and she’s always ready to roll up her sleeves and get litter picking! After studying biology at Oxford University, Liz was fortunate enough to travel to the tropics, conducting research in the African savanna and Indonesian rainforest. Despite the mosquitoes, scorpion stings, diet of rice and noodles, lack of electricity and running water, being immersed in and so close to nature was so invigorating and inspiring that it became her mission to make sure other people could connect with nature as she had and protect our green spaces - whether in cities or remote islands - for the future. After various jobs in environmental education, a marine wildlife guide, education tech and a brief stint in wine journalism, Liz volunteered with Planet Patrol throughout and joined the team full-time in 2018.

Simon Alderson

Political Advisor

Simon Alderson, Political Advisor

Simon is the Head of Public Affairs at Handelsbanken and has over 10 years' experience in corporate communications and issues-based lobbying. During his career he has successfully delivered political and wider stakeholder engagement programmes for highly regulated organisations, consumer groups and charities. Simon provides strategic counsel to Planet Patrol, and advises on stakeholder engagement and public policy.

Jane Crosby

Financial Advisor

Jane Crosby, Financial Advisor

Jane is a Chartered Accountant, qualifying with PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2010. Jane has over 10 years’ experience working in finance in both large and small organisations including Sage, BT and Octopus Investments. Jane now works within the Investor Relations team of Johnson Matthey, a global company with the vision of creating a cleaner and healthier world,

Fiona Wilson

Legal Advisor

Fiona Wilson, Legal Advisor

Fiona is a practicing solicitor and has 10+ years of legal experience working in London. She has worked in both private practice firms as well as for key brands and companies including Google, The Guardian Newspaper and Pernod Ricard. Fiona now leads the legal and compliance function for Facebook’s marketing teams across EMEA and APAC.

Meet our Reps

Fin & Flow

Kent, UK

Fin & Flow, Kent

Fin & Flow was founded by India, a yoga teacher and Paddleboarder based on the Kent Coast in Hythe. India believes that Yoga is for EVERYONE and that there is a yoga class and teacher to suit all body types, and personalities. No matter your age, size, fitness level ANYONE can feel great from doing it, and it can be done from the comfort of your own home to a stand up paddle board on the water! At Fin & Flow they believe small ripples make big waves, for the mind, body and our natural environment. The more time we spend being kind to ourselves and our natural world the more we can live a happy, healthy life. Fin & Flow is a hub for like minded people to connect through a love of nature, yoga, SUPyoga and beach cleans.
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WeSUP Gylly Beach

Cornwall, UK

WeSUP Gylly Beach, Devon

wesup.’s very first centre where it all began is nestled in the centre of Gyllyngvase Beach, a quiet and paddle-perfect spot in Falmouth, Cornwall. Gylly Bay has it all; calm turquoise waters, a thriving marine life and a whole ocean of SUP friendly waters to explore. With an abundance of coastline, caves, beaches and ice cream stops it is no wonder why Cornwall is the number 1 place to paddleboard in the UK! For us, there is nowhere better to paddle than Falmouth. Although we paddle it every day, there is so much diversity that we could never get bored! One day we’re paddling around tankers anchored in the bay, the next we are off around the harbour to grab some lunch and explore the creeks at high tide. We keep busy with our group activities such as SUP Yoga and Stargazing paddles with our growing Club Membership. By offering expert tuition to beginners and the lifestyle to match with Clubwesup. we are firmly establishing a fun, vibrant paddleboard scene on Cornwalls South Coast!
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Ins Blaue

Werdersee, Germany

Ins Blaue, Werdersee, Germany

INS BLAUE are your SUP station at Werdersee in Bremen. True to their motto "outdoors & happy" you can experience small and large adventures on the stand up paddle board with them. No matter how much SUP experience you have, whether you want to take a course, rent a SUP board or whether you already have your own SUP, you are definitely right with Ins Blaue and always welcome! They are happy to advise you and are always on site with heart and passion.
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Stefanie Fowler

Greater Manchester, UK

Stefanie Fowler, Greater Manchester

I'm Stef (also known as Fanny!), mum to 3 little people and health promoter to many! I run a personal training and nutrition coaching business from a studio at the bottom of my garden in Bramhall, just south of Manchester. I have a passion for great food and share all of my delicious and nutritious recipes for free on my blog and my social media platforms. My other passion is nature and the beautiful world we are all lucky enough to live in. It's so important to me that I do my best to show my children and others how to help our amazing planet survive long into the future and to rectify the mistakes of previous generations. Planet Patrol is one way that we can help to spread the word to reduce the use of single use packaging and find a better solution.
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Sam, Alfresco Adventures

North Yorkshire and Cumbria, UK

Alfresco Adventures, North Yorkshire and Cumbria

Our aim is to inspire people to enjoy and experience all the great outdoors has to offer! We give people the opportunity to experience the outdoors in new and interesting ways. From someone who has never tried an alfresco adventure, through to the experienced outdoor enthusiast. We can help you enjoy a memorable adventure suitable to your age, experience and ability. Getting fresh air and exploring the outdoors is important for a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We know that getting out of the ‘Rat Race’ is crucial, at least once in a while! As an outdoor activity provider, we work with individuals, small groups, sports teams, the armed forces, stag and hen groups, school groups and a wide range of businesses meeting their needs with our expertise. Start your adventure today!
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Michelle, Saltworks SUP

Isle of Man, UK

SUP Saltworks, Isle of Man

Founded by Michelle in 2016, Saltworks SUP was the first business on the Isle of Man to provide stand up paddleboarding (SUP) tuition and adventure experiences. In 2019 Saltworks SUP became the only Waterskills Academy (WSA) accredited SUP school on the Island. At our core we want to inspire people to get out, appreciate the outdoors, have fun and reconnect with our amazing Island biosphere. Our key aim is to introduce people to one of the fastest growing watersports safely, and to appreciate our great outdoors and the wonderful variety of places we paddle all over the Isle of Man. Our sessions are run all over the Island, making the best of quiet locations with our small group numbers. Learn, explore and experience.
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SUP Islington

London, UK

SUP Islington, London

Islington Boat Club offers a range of activities and courses for adults and young people. We are situated in the City Road Basin, entered via Graham Street, London N1 8JX. Our purpose is to offer high quality SUP at affordable rates with a real community feel. We offer a variety of classes to suit all abilities as well as an SUP membership programme, making it more affordable for those who are keen to paddle regularly and get out on to the water. If you have never tried SUP before, we advise that you attend a lesson first of all. These are a great opportunity to master SUP technique and learn how to paddleboard safely and confidently. For those who have some experience paddleboarding we offer canal tours, longer trips into East London and beyond, power paddles, SUP socials and our Wednesday evening SUP club.
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The London Stand Up Paddle Company

London, UK

The London Stand Up Paddleboarding Company

Want to have some fun, get active outdoors with the added benefit of a full body workout... Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is an enormously relaxing, surprisingly serene experience, a fantastic way to explore the world from a different perspective. Whether a chilled out one-off leisurely SUP Tour or regular full body cardiovascular SUP workouts, the benefits of being active outdoors on the water, at one with nature are great. It’s fun, it’s addictive and great for both your body and mind. Join Us On The Water & (Re)Connect With Nature
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WeSUP Torquay

Devon, UK

WeSUP Torquay, Devon

Wesup defines the beautiful culture of our sport. Our team is our family and our approach is one of pure passion and total inclusivity. We are home to the countries largest and most active Stand Up Paddle board Club and we operate all year round across 3 dynamic locations on the South Coast – Falmouth, Southampton & Torquay. We are also open to the public for world class SUP instruction for both total beginners and more advanced paddlers. We offer spectacular guided SUP tours of the some of the South Coasts most stunning coastlines and we also rent out our equipment to those wishing to make their own adventures.
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WeSUP Hamble River

Southampton, UK

WeSUP Hamble River, Southampton

Wesup defines the beautiful culture of our sport. Our team is our family and our approach is one of pure passion and total inclusivity. We are home to the countries largest and most active Stand Up Paddle board Club and we operate all year round across 3 dynamic locations on the South Coast – Falmouth, Southampton & Torquay. We are also open to the public for world class SUP instruction for both total beginners and more advanced paddlers. We offer spectacular guided SUP tours of the some of the South Coasts most stunning coastlines and we also rent out our equipment to those wishing to make their own adventures.
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Active 360 Paddington

London, UK

Active 360 Paddington, London

The Active360 team are dedicated to developing stand up paddleboarding. We aim to offer opportunities for you to take part, purchase equipment and even train to coach the sport. SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) is an up and coming watersport that allows people to actively explore local waterways while experiencing the benefits of improved balance, strength and general fitness. We have seen the great potential of SUP to get more people active and exploring local waterways. Now we are looking to build SUP into the biggest watersport in London and to make it accessible to all. Explore our site to find out how you can get involved in the next big adventure sport!
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Oxford SUP Club

Oxfordshire, UK

Oxford SUP Club, Oxfordshire

Oxford SUP Club was founded by Our Head Coach Andrew in 2015, and has been growing and developing ever since. Andrew is a highly qualified SUP Coach with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We are a BSUPA (British Stand Up Paddle Boarding Association) approved SUP school. Our instructors are qualified via the BSUPA Instructor Training scheme, and are trained by the UK’s most accomplished SUP paddlers. The sessions we run follow BSUPA’s tried & tested format, and are designed to be safe, fun and enjoyable. We’re passionate about developing SUP in the UK, and introducing this amazing sport to as many people as possible. Our qualified and experienced SUP instructors will get you on the water and paddling with confidence on your first lesson.
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Central SUP

Warwickshire, UK

Central SUP, Warwickshire

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) can be a very social activity to be enjoyed by all. Our club paddles are simply that, a chance to come and meet like minded people and have a paddle at the same time. What a way to wind down after a hard days work jumping on the river and cruising with the flow. We have all types of kit ready for our club members to use, and you may even end up taking your paddling further by becoming one of our Central SUP team members who compete at all kinds of events across the country.
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Bath Paddleboard Centre

Somerset, UK

Bath Paddleobard Centre, Somerset

Just imagine paddling down the River Avon amid the beautiful surroundings of Bath. We have entertained groups from Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Sussex and our neighbouring counties on equipment supplied by leading manufacturers including Starboard, Red Paddle and McConks, so that you start your Paddleboard (SUP) Adventure in the best possible way. Whether you'd like to start learning this fun sport on your own - or in a group of friends, family or colleagues - we can cater for you. Our instructors will provide sessions from 1.5 to 3 hours in length, either teaching you one-to-one or teaching groups of up to ten at a time. We will take you through the basics of stand up paddle boarding until you're Supping with confidence on our Taster Session. Then, if you choose, you can book further progression lessons on our Safe Paddler Award Course or join SUP Bath Paddleboarders.
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SUP Bedford

Bedfordshire, UK

SUP Bedford, Bedfordshire

SUP Bedford is a community for people interested in paddleboarding in Bedford and the local area! Here you will find local meet ups and inspiration for paddles in Bedfordshire.
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Liverpool SUP Club

Liverpool, UK

The Liverpool SUP Company

Here at Liverpool SUP Co, we specialise in the sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding. Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned paddler, we can help. You have plenty of options to choose from, from personalised private tuition, group coached sessions or just a bit of fun, we've got you covered (you can even SUP with your PUP).
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Waterborn SUP

Devon, UK

Waterborn, Devon

If you want to experience the joy of SUP, Waterborn has got you covered. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an old hand, you’re in safe company. All our instructors are BSUPA qualified and expert in the sport. We are also the only ‘Red Paddle Co. Centre of Excellence’ in the UK. Plus, an added feel-good factor is that we’re all truly nice folk too! Whether it’s a leisurely paddle along the estuary socialising with friends, team building, SUP Yoga or just trying something new, we can offer you exactly what you want to build your confidence and fitness. Take a look at the different levels of tuition and pick one that suits you – and don’t forget, we hire boards and all the kit you need to get you started. Just remember to bring towels, spare change of clothes and some sun cream.
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Blue Paddle SUP

Carlsbad, California

Blue Paddle SUP, California

Blue Paddle SUP is a mobile Stand Up Paddle Board business located in Carlsbad, CA. I started Blue Paddle SUP 6yrs. ago out of my love for everything to do with SUP! I’m SUP certified with the American Canoe Association, World Paddle Association, and PaddleFit. I love coaching new and intermediate paddlers in all kinds of conditions. I’m also and avid SUP racer, SUP surfer, and SUP Adventurer. I have also involved and helped organize various charity paddles in our area such as the StandUp for the Cure, The 24hr. Paddle organized by Monster and Sea, and World Oceans Day paddle out & clean up. I’m fortunate to have this amazing opportunity to give back to our community through paddle events. Any chance to get on the water is a beautiful day!
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Island SUP

Barry, Wales, UK

Island SUP, Barry

Come and learn to SUP or improve your SUP skills here with us on the beautiful Jackson's Bay, Barry Island and the Barry Community Water Activity Centre. Island SUP School aims to support and nurture the sport of stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) within its local community and beyond. Island SUP School aims to provide a wide spectrum of coaching sessions aimed at complete beginners through to those hoping to compete for their country at a national and international level. As a School we offer a 2hr introduction to SUP, a 2hr intermediate session, a 2hr introduction to SUP Surf and bespoke SUP race training with Kerry Baker UK SUP National Champion 2016/17 and 'Team Wales' ISA SUP Worlds, Denmark 2017.
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South West SUP

Plymouth, UK

South West SUP, Plymouth

We offer tailored SUP tuition and paddleboard hire based from our unique waterfront location at Firestone Arch, Royal William Yard, Plymouth. With a focus on giving you the ultimate experience, we keep the group sizes small and can guarantee you will be stand up paddling by the end of one of our sessions. We provide you with a top of the range paddleboard, adjustable paddle and optional wetsuit.
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Go With The Flo

Berkshire, UK

Go With The Flo, Berkshire

Paddle boarding is great for mind and body, a great way to see the world and your surroundings, to connect with nature, and it’s even more enjoyable with friends or family. So whether you’re organising a work team-building day, a kids’ party, hen or stag, or you simply want to have a laugh with friends, family or work colleagues, we can tailor a session to suit.
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Heron & Hush

Bedfordshire, UK

Heron & Hush, Bedfordshire

Here at Heron and Hush, we offer SUPportunities for all! We provide sessions for both complete beginners, looking to find their SUP legs and for returners wishing to enhance their technique. We host specialised events too! SUP Surf and Race Training opportunities to name but a few for those that have truly caught the SUP-bug and want to widen their skills Throughout the year, we run social and charity events as well as Planet Patrol clean-ups Our weekly SUPper club is extremely popular with regulars and new paddlers alike. It provides the perfect opportunity to get out on the water, make new friends and enjoy our home-baked treats! We love seeing those smiles at the end of our sessions and the incredible effect being on the water has on you all (us included!) from the soothing and calming moments where we connect with nature to the fun and frolics we have. We look forward to sharing those moments with you. See you out on the water!
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Frangipani SUP

Essex, UK

Frangipani SUP, Essex

Hello! We are a very friendly British Stand Up Paddle Association (BSUPA) approved paddle board school, based in Maldon in Essex. We paddle at many different locations and have a huge range of SUP activities from which to choose. If you don't want the expense or hassle of owning and transporting your own SUP board, don't worry, within our Frangipani SUP activities we can provide you with everything you need, for as long as you need it. Some of our clients have been paddling with us for years and still don't own a SUP board. We are proud of our large and varied fleet of SUP boards and take great pleasure in seeing them being paddled. Many people take part in our SUP activities using their own SUP boards and this is fine too. Our team of fully qualified BSUPA Instructors and Guides looks forward to meeting you and helping you to learn and love SUP. Any questions, please just shout! Mahalo!
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Beyond the Blue SUP

Essex, UK

Beyond the Blue SUP, Essex

We are a fun and friendly stand up paddle board club located in Thorpe Bay, Essex. Together in association with the Wetsuit Outlet, we are also a naish one design n1sco race club, and currently the only one in the East of England. The club is a fully affiliated & insured member of the British canoeing association, Sarah-Jane Coombes is the club founder, holding a BSUPA instructor qualification, She has been featured on radio and television, most noticeably on Channel 4's how to get fit fast. Our club is all about getting people active and out onto the water to enjoy what paddle boarding and being on the water can provide. We have five options to choose from, choose the path or paths best suited for you.
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Longboards Paddle Co.

New York, USA

Longboards Paddle Co.

Longboards Paddle Co. opened our first location in 2012. We now have several locations and have established ourselves as WNYs ultimate paddle destination. We are proud to host the largest fleet of kayaks and SUPs throughout our region. This allows us to service large groups, universities, corporate, and the community at large with ease. Our business features fitness on land and water. We offer paddle-fit classes, social paddles, SUP yoga, and an annual Buffalo Paddle Bike Run Triathlon that showcases the history and Buffalo’s resurgence. We offer all of this in creative collaborations with local studios and trainers in our Queen City. Our efforts are to heighten awareness and grow appreciation for the caring of our little corner of the world on Lake Erie and the Buffalo River.
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Amsterdam, Netherlands

M&M Sup, Amsterdam

M&M SUP Amsterdam was founded in Amsterdam in 2011 when stand up paddling was hardly known. Founder Morene Dekker loved this sport so much she wanted to share this accessible new watersport to everyone. The first years she was busy promoting the sport and getting people to know stand up paddling. Nowadays stand ups paddling is a known sport worldwide and M&M SUP welcomes clients from all over the world to enjoy the great city of Amsterdam. Next to a sup center at the IJ-lake beach (IJsselmeer) near Amsterdam M&M SUP also has a sup center in the centre of Amsterdam where lot’s of people enjoy sup clinics, sup yoga, sup bootcamps or sup tours around the Amsterdam canals. Stand Up Paddling is a great way to be active, enjoy the waterways and go out for a little adventure. I am super happy to join the Planet Patrol and try to make a difference.
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Land & Wave Logo

Land & Wave

Dorset, UK

Land & Wave, Dorset

We're a close-knit bunch of family and friends who love working together and creating amazing adventures for everyone. Human beings are at the heart of everything we do. Every year our full time team is bolstered by 35 fresh faced, energetic beauties that help us though Spring, Summer and Autumn. Our wonderful seasonal instructors are, without doubt, the best in the business. We're based in Swanage, bang in the middle of the Dorset coast; it's an amazing place to live, work and play. We have pop up bases in Devon, South Wales and Snowdonia that are incredible for Challenge Weeks and Outdoor Instructor Training. We're outdoor people and we get to spend almost every day adventuring, jumping in the sea, working in the woods, walking up hills or playing on sea cliffs.
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Inish Adventures

Donegal, Ireland

Inish Adventures, Donegal

Based in our shore front centre in Moville, Inishowen, Co. Donegal we boast over 20 water and land activities providing all safety gear, wetsuits and equipment. ​We offer some of the best kayaking in Donegal, exploring the Wild Atlantic coastline and headland of Inishowen. Inish Adventures offer multiple training courses that are accredited by the BCU & RYA. Since opening we have built up a sterling reputation with local schools, community groups and clubs as well as visitors to the area. Safety as well as fun on the water is key for us and all our instructors are trained to a very high standard. ​Inish Adventures run two renowned events each year that celebrate the best that Inishowen has to offer for kayaking, CranaFest and the Inishowen Sea Symposium.
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Bonkers Activities

Worcestershire, UK

Bonkers Activities, Worcestershire

Alex and Kim will be known to many of you as they have set up, owned, and run several local and international outdoor activity centres. - starting with setting up Aztec Watersports in 1993. Based in the Vale of Evesham their passion is to provide memorable, life enhancing outdoor experiences. Bonkers specialise in making it feel easy, safe and professional, whilst making sure you are learning and having fun. Working with partners. Bonkers are proud to help support the local youth charity - Pershore Youth Centre Charity so they can continue their youth support and youth work programmes for the community. Bonkers also work with Avon Navigation Trust on the delivery of their activity programmes.
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South Shields Surf School

Tyne and Wear, UK

South Shields Surf School,

Basically we love being in the ocean and on the beach and want to share that with you! We have loads of sessions and lessons happening delivered at our Surfing England Accredited surf school by fully qualified and well experienced instructors catering for all abilities. Whether it's surf lessons or stand up paddle hire, with individuals or big groups, in the ocean or rock pools, developing projects using the benefits of the sea, beach cleans or using beach access wheel chairs, we've got something for you - check out our regular sessions below and hover over a picture for more info.
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Paddlesurf Sevilla

Seville, Spain

Paddlesurf Sevilla, Seville

We are Paddle Surf, Surf and aquatic lifeguards instructors whose main objective is to know and enjoy. Water, adventure and fun define us. We are made of new experiences that we share with each of the people who pass through our school and who form our great family. With us you can share and explore the river, our connection with the sea within the city.
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Beyond Adventure

Highland Perthshire, Scotland

Beyond Adventure, Highland Perthshire

Beyond Adventure’s By the River base is located on the beautiful banks of the River Tay in the heart of Scotland. We specialise in providing unforgettable experiences that are accessible to all.
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Paddle Cornwall SUP

Cornwall, UK

Paddle Cornwall SUP, Cornwall

Established in 2019 as SUP training school and licensed to operate on the Stunning River Fowey on the South East Coast of Cornwall. Paddle Cornwall SUP have three fully qualified instructors and offer a range of courses from Taster Sessions to Wellness Therapy and everything in between. With a passion for SUP our aim is to give access to anyone who wishes to embrace the water and experience nature first hand whilst learning a new skill. Operating with a fleet of Fanatic and Fatstick boards and a great selection of wetsuits and buoyancy aids we have everything you need to introduce you to the sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Join us for a river clean or a social SUP and immerse yourself in the stunning surroundings of our beautiful waterways.
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Discover Paddling

Bristol, UK

Discover Paddling, Bristol

Discover Paddling was founded by former GB kayaker Mike Sims, in the heart of Bristol's stunning Avon Valley. They provide unforgettable kayaking and paddleboarding experiences for all ages and abilities with a range of fun challenges and relaxing nature paddles. Discover Paddling are keen to stay green and keep it clean. The River Avon is home to some amazing nature and wildlife such as kingfisher and deer. They are always looking at new and exciting ways to educate the community in how they can contribute to cleaner water ways so we can all enjoy its beauty!
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Just Paddle

Bedfordshire, UK

Just Paddle, Bedfordshire

Just Paddle is a small business dedicated to coaching paddle sports to individuals and groups in Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas. We put the paddler at the centre of everything we do to ensure we provide the highest quality of coaching and allow us to better tailor our sessions to our paddlers’ needs and learning styles. We can provide coaching and guided trips in canoes, kayaks and on Stand up Paddle boards (SUP) – all in a fun and safe environment. We also offer a number of other paddle sport based activities, including our unique guided Wildlife Safaris, our SUP Suppers, Birthday Parties, Yoga & SUP Retreat Days, Sunset Paddles and a range of water safety activities. Our paddle sport coaching is open to children and adults of all abilities – paddling is for everyone, it’s never too late to learn!
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Central Scotland, UK


Paddlefast’s SUP Central Scotland group is a group of like-minded paddlers who meet every second Tuesday from Easter to October in various locations around the central belt. They meet on the canals or local lochs (and one Lake!) for a wee paddle, an explore and sometimes a skills practice session. Their only weakness is biscuits so bring some with you and be prepared to share!! (Dates can be found on the Paddlefast Events page on Facebook).
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SUP Sessions

Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK

SUP Sessions, Pembrokeshire

You will find us on the stunning North Beach, Tenby. We offer Stand up paddle board lessons, tours and board hire to families, groups of friends and work colleagues. All our lesson are ran by qualified instructors who are passionate about all things supping" and they are looking forward to getting you on the water for a great experience. SUP Sessions are almost a zero emissions business and aim to have little or no impact on the environment. We are a Water Skills Academy approved school and operate under their Covid Care Assurance Scheme.
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Paddle Away Today

Alberta, Canada

Paddle Away Today, Alberta provides certified paddle board lessons at beautiful Ghost Lake, Alberta. Ghost Lake is an easy to access, stress-reducing water-sports location for boaters, swimmers, surfers, and paddle boarders of all ages. (Only 30 minutes West of Calgary)
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SUP Gloucester

Gloucestershire, UK

SUP Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Stand-up paddleboarding in Gloucester Docks, canal and River Severn.
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Kolula SUP

Potsdam, Germany

Kolula SUP, Potsdam

YOUR STAND UP PADDLING BOARD IS WAITING FOR YOU! Do you long for freedom and relaxation on the water? Then rent your SUP easily and stress-free from kolula: the best equipment, at attractive locations, quickly and easily booked online - that's how SUP rental works today! You can get your high-quality touring board from Red Paddle Co (for beginners and professionals) including accessories after booking with your mobile phone from the station yourself - easy, contemporary and reliable.
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Devon / Cornwall, UK

ThreeZero12, Devon / Cornwall

ThreeZero12 is an outdoors, adventure and fitness business run by Lizzie and Stu. It was set up after Stu was injured in the military back on 30th Dec 2012 (where the name of the business takes its origin), as it became a day that changed their lives forever. In the years that followed they learnt a huge amount about mental and physical health, with sport/fitness becoming an integral part of their recovery journey. Everything they learnt they wanted to use to help others, which is why they set up the business they run today. ThreeZero12 specialises in Paddle Boarding, Cycling, Yoga, Pilates & Performance/Lifestyle fitness training.
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David Brearley

Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK

David Brearley, Pembrokeshire

David has been kayaking for 9 year (recently with Pembrokeshire Paddlers), in search of incredible scenery and adrenaline pumping white water. In November 2018, he started a mission to find out more about plastic waste. He travelled to the Mekong in Asia to raise awareness. He linked up with VE Paddles, Alpacr and several other organizations, to raise money for Plastic Free South East Asia and Surfers Against Sewage. While out there, he paddled the length of Cambodia, from Laos to Vietnam. After this 500km solo expedition, he realised the key to change was at the corporate and governmental level, something which is fundamental to Planet Patrol. Since getting back from Asia (and a trip to New Zealand and Europe), David picked up an engineering job, got made redundant, moved to Pembrokeshire and started a PhD in Bristol. Along with environmental activism and paddling, he enjoys climbing, road biking and hiking.
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WOGA SUP Yoga Academy

Dresden, Germany

WOGA SUP Yoga Academy, Dresden Germany

WOGA is the first SUP Yoga Academy in Germany. The SUP Yoga Pioneer and Founder Julia Klesse found her passion over 8 years ago in south Italy. The WOGA SUP Yoga Academy offers not only SUP Yoga & Fitness Classes, Rental Service and Events but also offers Teacher Trainings in whole Germany, Italy, Egypt and all over the world to prepare Yoga Teachers and Fitness Instructors to conduct fun, effective and most importantly, safe classes on the water ! Even online Teacher Trainings was created in Italy. The focus on Mother Nature and the environment is always in mind. Let's spread the passion and stop by the WOGA Station on our next trip to beautiful and historic Dresden.
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Wittering SUP

Worcestershire, UK

Wittering SUP, Worcestorshire

Wittering SUP is an ASI accredited SUP school and British Canoeing Delivery Provider Centre based on the River Avon, near Evesham in Worcestershire run by ASI paddleboard instructor, James WIttering. Our aim is to make stand-up paddleboarding as accessible as possible whilst following our philosophy of helping folks escape the noise of modern life, reconnect with nature and loved ones whilst learning a new, confidence-building skill that you can take with you on all your travels and adventures.
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Happy Seal Yoga

North Yorkshire, UK

Happy Seal Yoga, North Yorkshire

Based on the beautiful North Yorkshire coast, Happy Seal Yoga specialises in outdoor yoga by the sea classes for all abilities. Classes take place in Whitby, Scarborough, Cayton Bay & Filey. Connect with nature and absorb the sounds of the sea as you flow in our fantastic seaside locations. Founder & yoga teacher Helen loves the outdoors and is particularly fond of the sea. A firm believer in the proven positive mental health benefits of activity in, on and near the ocean, when she’s not teaching yoga you’ll usually find her in or very near the sea.
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Flowsmith's Yoga

London, UK

Flowsmith's Yoga, London, UK

Founder of Flowsmith's Yoga, Sarah, is a London based Registered Yoga Teacher and is passionate about helping others find space in their bodies, heads and hearts. She believe that yoga is for everybody and should be both a great workout for both the body and the mind. Sarah combines her passion for the environment with yoga by teaching and practicing outdoors in parks around London. These classes focus on connecting to the natural world around us.
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Swansea SUP Club

Swansea, Wales, UK

Swansea SUP Club, Swansea, Wales

Swansea SUP Club are SUP enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. If you enjoy being out on the water and would like to join us on our SUP adventures , they'd love to get to know you. Swansea SUP Club run a regular SUP evening every Wednesday in the season from Easter till the end of October. They also organise coaching sessions (paid) for beginners, improvers and advanced. These are run by qualified instructors.
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Glasgow Paddleboarders Co

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Glasgow Paddleboarders Co, Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow Paddleboarders Co. is a small business that focuses on 5 areas as a business. They're very proud of the community that they have created in Glasgow with over 1000 people engaging regularly. They educate paddleboarders in how to use equipment, stay safe on the water and have fun. They also provide trips to local lochs or waterways. Glasgow Paddleboarders Co. are an accredited SUP school with Water Skills Academy. They love the eco aspect to the Sea Lion Boards in the fleet. Scotland is a haven for paddleboarding and they are very excited to be able to get folk out on the water when they get in touch.
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Mindful SUP

Chester, UK

Mindful SUP, Chester, UK

Water Skills Academy SUP instructor Paula created Mindful SUP to help encourage others to discover the fantastic positive affects paddle boarding can have on our physical and mental health. Being on the water and having that connection with nature is so important for our well-being. All sessions are tailored to your individual needs as we believe SUP to be a very inclusive sport and want to get as many people out enjoying the water as safely as possible.
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Beryl Bikes

Bournemouth & Hereford, UK

Beryl Bikes

Beryl is the UK's leading micromobility company, and the only #BCorp certified operator. Meaning they place people, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability at the same level as financial sustainability. Beryl partner with cities to achieve their active and sustainable transport goals, enabling modal shift away from cars, becoming a city’s integrated micromobility partner. Beryl's focus on the environment and sustainability means they are passionate about issues in the towns and cities we operate in including litter. That's why they are partnering with Planet Patrol to help eliminate single-use materials and litter, by running regular cycle and pick initiatives using our bikes.
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Mai Adventures

Tamar Valley, UK

Mai Adventures, Tamar Valley, UK

Mai Adventures is a Water Skills Academy accredited paddleboarding school that operates from the Tamar Valley, an area of outstanding natural beauty straddling the county border of Devon and Cornwall. They love our adventures out on the river and along The coasts and enjoy having the freedom to explore these beautiful waterways on their paddleboards. Paddleboarding is accessible to everyone and is the perfect way to escape from the stress of everyday life. They would like to help you experience the same natural high and enjoy time on the water at high tide. Reconnect with nature and give your mind, body and soul a total workout.
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Psyched Paddleboarding

Angelsey, North Wales, UK

Psyched Paddleboarding, Angelsey, North Wales

Psyched Paddleboarding are the SUP specialists based on Anglesey in North Wales. They have a huge passion for SUP and love to inspire their customers to be ocean ambassadors. They provide truly memorable SUP experiences, expert SUP skills training to help paddlers progress and WSA SUP instructor courses. The core of their DNA is to inspire people to get into SUP safely and to have an appreciation for the great outdoors, reconnect with nature and to super boost peoples wellbeing. They look forward to seeing you on the water soon.
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Esslingen, Stuttgart region


wannaSUP was the first paddle boarding tour operator in Stuttgart, exploring the Neckar. Since 2016 the Team offers different guided tours all around Stuttgart but as well as on the Lake of Constance (close to the Swiss border). Gathering litter during the tours has become an essential part as throughout the years we see positive effects as the formerly "dirty“ river is getting cleaner year after year and nature is recovering. As part of the planet patrol team we want to be part of a broader community and are looking forward for awesome litter picking events.
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Yoga Rebel

Berlin, Germany

Yoga Rebel, Germany

Yoga Rebel is led by Angélique who has drive for Movement! Yoga, Pilates and Partneracrobatics are herbiggest passion. To watch people growing through movement physically and mentally keeps her motivated. That´s why she's taught for over 10 years now. You will find her stretching in between Hamburg and Berlin or at events around Europe.
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Reading, UK

SUPERA, Reading

SUPERA was created to make paddleboarding accessible to everyone in the community and to unite existing SUP passionates. They hope to re-kindle the spark for life with a sense of curiosity, adventure, and a good time. Throughout the year, they have prepared a variety of events and activities with the hope you will easily find something for yourself. From group SUP Classes to 1-2-1 SUP Sessions tailored to your needs. As well as, rental of one or more paddleboard sets so you can go on your own adventure and a fast-growing SUP Community with a range of events where you can connect with like-minded people! Follow @itsSUPera on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date!
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Adventure SUP

Bristol, Bath & Somerset

Adventure SUP, Bristol Avon

Adventure SUP opened in 2013 after paddling from the source of the river Severn to the sea. They now run lessons, river trips, wildlife paddles, hire and all kinds of fun events on the beautiful Bristol Avon between Bristol and Bath and at Vobster Quay in Somerset. During the Severn paddle they noticed a huge amount of plastic in the river and so removing rubbish from the waterways has been a part of their ethos since conception and we consider ourselves custodians of the river. Linking up with Planet Patrol to build up the data needed for a larger impact on the plastic issue was a very easy decision for the team.
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Paddleboarding Adventures

Wye Valley, UK

The Paddleboarding Adventures, Wye Valley

The Paddleboarding Adventures team are nature loving, adventure seeking, paddleboard enthusiasts. Their team are committed to delivering an impeccable, fun, and empowering experience on the water, through unique SUP activities, adventures and escapes in the Wye Valley. They create a supportive environment that invites you to learn and play at your edge. They are fiercely passionate about maintaining the beauty of our paddling ground, incorporate river and beach clean-up challenges as part of their community ethos.
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Norfolk Paddleboards

Norfolk, UK

Norfolk Paddleboards

Norfolk Paddle Boards was set up in the year we all got locked down, had to keep distant from each other, the year that changed lives for ever. The way we live and interact with each other has taken a new direction. We now have different routines, rules and guidance on how we must live our lives. During this pandemic Founder Lee's life enabled him to stop and take notice of what’s in Norwich – he's been able to fall in love with Norwich all over again. Appreciate its rich history, culture and architecture. without the hustle and bustle of life unintentionally covering it up.
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SUP Therapy

Wirral, UK

SUP Therapy

Alex started SUP Therapy as there is an ever growing demand for extra help to support mental health in her local area. With the NHS more underfunded and overstretched than ever due to the COVID19 pandemic, she reached out to local counselling services to offer SUP as a complimentary support. With the backing of Bluefin SUPs she launched SUP Therapy. Alex is an ASI SUP instructor with 6 years paddle boarding experience and loves being outdoors on an adventure! Her hope is to bring some harmony to people's lives through her passion of being on the water, and build an awareness of the importance in protecting our blue planet.
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Omega Outdoor Adventure

Tamworth, UK

Omega Outdoor Adventures

Omega Outdoor Adventure is made up of a team of dedicated outdoor education specialists, who happen to be friends with the same vision, their mission is to get people of all ages and abilities, outside, active and learning. They work to the ethos of "leave it better than you found it" as they believe "leave it as you found it” is the least they can do and strive for better. Omega Outdoor Adventure encourages their customers to adopt this ethos by working with nature for all of their activities, including Bush craft and environmental art sessions as well as using cruelty free and plant based supplies. They are very happy to now be extending this ethos even further by working in partnership with Planet Patrol and cleaning up our waterways alongside fun paddling sessions.
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SUP and FUN logo


Steinhuder Meer, North Germany


SUP and FUN is your Stand up Paddling School on the beautiful Steinhuder Meer in North Germany. The Steinhuder Meer is perfect for adventurous stand up paddling tours. From the water you can explore the Nature Park from a fascinating perspective. Whether for beginners or advanced, for athletes looking for an effective fitness workout or for nature lovers, SUP is a great activity for everyone! SUP and FUN want to protect the unique nature reserve and guarantee an environmentally friendly and safe use on the Steinhuder Meer.
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Krissi Cook

London, UK

Krissi Cook Yoga

During the last 7 years, Krissi has spent her time wisely through self study during a number of teacher trainings including Sankskritt, PTSD and Bhakti Yoga. Krissi teaches in an inclusive way, offering her classes to all as she believes yoga is for everyBODY. Her classes offer a variety of challenges from holding planks to getting upside down - which she designs and puts together in a way that will test you both physically and mentally, as you practice you begin to unravel layers of yourself that you didn't know existed before. Expect to sweat, but with a smile - it's never an exercise for the face! Focusing on breath awareness, because all yoga is about is stilling the vrittis (the mind-stuff). As we sweat we cleanse the mind, the body and the soul - leave feeling nourished and a little more in love with yourself.
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Hamburg, Germany


Sup2go is located in the green heart of Hamburg, in the central park of Hamburg (Stadtpark). The perfect location to start into the numerous channels of Hamburg. Premium touring SUPs from Fanatic are available for rental and for courses. Easy access via a wooden jetty allows beginners to start comfortably. At Sup2go you can book a time slot online, so there is no waiting time on hot summer days and you can start paddling straight away. If you’re new to the sport and you need some support, Sup2go offers SUP beginner courses and private coachings as well.
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Meet our Community Guardians

Rhianna Ward

East of England - Hertfordshire

Rhianna Ward, East of England

I'm Rhianna and I live in Hertfordshire with my partner and our dog Barry. Planet Patrol clean ups have given me a real passion for looking after our environment, and I can’t wait to meet other people who want to do the same. In my spare time I love paddleboarding on my local river, Parks and Recreation and getting outside.
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Alison Limbert

Central Scotland

Alison Limbert, Central Scotland

Living close to Loch Lomond and Trossachs in Scotland, I appreciate the beautiful natural environment we have in the UK and want to take action that will protect this for my children and future generations. I am excited to join Planet Patrol in building the data and evidence to eliminate single use materials and litter while having fun spending time outdoors and meeting like minded new people.
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Rachel Ames

London - Richmond upon Thames

Rachel Ames, London

Rachel is an Emergency Medical Technician & a Student Nurse. After watching ‘’War on Plastic’’ she got involved with some clean-ups & noticed some personal wellbeing benefits. Rachel hosted a virtual ‘go greener’ challenge (Sept, 2020) for a Twitter health care worker community of over 250,000 followers.
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Alice Lundy

South West - Cornwall

Alice Lundy, South West

Hello! I'm a masters student and sustainable business owner that focuses on marine conservation as well as the preservation and protection of my town. My aims are to safeguard the beautiful areas of natural outstanding beauty as well as protecting wildlife and the ocean from habitual decline caused by human carelessness. I would like to raise greater awareness of this topical nationwide issue and get more people within our community involved.
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Sally Walker

North West - Lancashire

Sally Walker, North West

Sally is a Planet Patrol Community Guardian based in Burscough, West Lancashire. She studied Japanese at university and lived in Japan for a year before working at a university supporting students with their mental health. She is now training to be a yoga instructor and also runs a blog about intentional living as she has seen the importance of being out in nature for our mental health and with that the need to protect the environment we live in. She passionate about zero-waste alternatives which helps reduce the impact of waste on the planet. She's excited to be a part of a community that's helping to reduce litter and helping to make companies accountable for their product packaging.
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Jenni Everett

South West - Bristol

Jenni Everett, South West

Hi! I'm Jenni, a theatre production student in Bristol. I've been slowly working my way down to plastic free over the past two years, and now I'm ready to help everyone else do the same. I also volunteer for Bristol Zoo Gardens, so ask me questions about conservation, animals, and zero-waste living tips!
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Nick Smart

North West - Lancashire

Nick Smart, North West

Outdoors is where you'll find me. Keen runner with a long list of hobbies! Taken up Paddle-boarding a few months ago, this has given me a different perspective on litter pollution and keen to do my part for the planet. See you out there!
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Ella Pettitt

Hampshire - Southampton

Ella Pettitt, South West

Hi I’m Ella based in Southampton on the south coast. I enjoy walking my dog Basil and paddle boarding along our local rivers. I’ve been picking up litter while walking for basil for a long time - Basil is excellent at sniffing out the chocolate wrappers!!
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Faye Serlin

London - North

Faye Serlin, London

Keen walker who litter picks locally on a regular basis to keep the areas I like to walk looking clean and tidy, a never ending task. Have always recycled and been mindful of the waste I create. Came across Planet Patrol after an illness and was inspired by Lizzie to take up paddleboarding which I love now I have mastered it! So have followed the evolution of the PP brand and very happy to be part of the campaign against single use plastic and educating people to take their litter home!
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Dannii Hutchins


Dannii Hutchens, Hampshire

I'm Dannii, based near Portsmouth in Hampshire with my husband Wes, dog Rafiki and guinea pig Sydney. I've pretty much always lived by the coast and love these spaces so much, I wanted to give back to them in some way, and if making sure they are as litter and plastic free is the way to go, then I am all for it! By day I am a Community Fundraiser for a medical research charity, and in my spare time I love to paddleboard (you'll usually find me on Hayling Island or the River Hamble) and train puppies at my local dog training school.
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Holly Usher

East of England - Essex

Holly Usher, East of England

Hi I'm Holly! I'm a photographer, part time primary school teacher and mum of two little people. I grew up in an a family mad about protecting the environment and I am so desperate to pass that on to my own children and the children I teach. I feel most at home in the water and love wild swimming, paddle boarding and being in the mountains but really want to protect the beautiful places I love. I'm working hard to make positive changes in my home and business to lead my kids by example.
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Robbi Isenberg

London - Hounslow

Robbi Isenberg, London

Hi i'm Robbi Isenberg and i've been a personal trainer for over 20 years in and around London, I've run fitness events all over the world and i'm very excited to be apart of the Planet Patrol team, to get people moving and grooving outdoors and to help clean up the planet we all live in!.... see you all soon!
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Emily Dixon

South West - Devon

Emily Dixon, South West

Emily is Devon’s Community Guardian and will be studying Biology at the University of York after her gap year. She is passionate about the environment and promoting sustainable changes through education, and has recently started a sustainability/travel blog, during the COVID-19 lockdown, in order to share her thoughts. Her love for watersports such as swimming, diving and stand-up paddleboarding has helped inspire her to go into marine conservation; she will focus on the issues surrounding the ocean when organising events for Planet Patrol.
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Emma Howcroft

London - Richmond upon Thames

Emma Howcroft, London

Single use plastics reduction champion on a mission to stop plastics reaching our oceans and destroying the ecosystems which we are reliant on for our survival. Hoping to organise litter picks with dogs and perhaps the odd pub paddle with pick in hand. Let’s make keeping Britain tidy cool again!
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Kimberley Sterling

South East - Kent

Kimberley Sterling, South East

Hi, I’m Kimberley from Hythe, Kent. I am a combat medic in the British Army and a Paddle Boarding Instructor with Kent Surf School. This year I have also been selected to be part of #shepaddles by British Canoeing.
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Matt Palmer

South West - Bristol

Matt Palmer, South West

I’m Matt and I’m passionate about anything and everything outdoors, so naturally in my spare time I’m on my paddle board or wild swimming. When I’m not bobbing down a river somewhere in the South West I work as a vet, jumping at any opportunity to help any wildlife that comes in. I’ve been fortunate enough to have spent the last two years on and off travelling and am now super proud to call Bristol my home. I’m thrilled to be part of a community of people fighting single use waste in order to build a more sustainable future!
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Susan Cameron

London - Twickenham

Susan Cameron, London

I'm a SpringJock (Scottish born and South African raised) living in beautiful Twickenham. I am fortunate to live near great green spaces and a tidal river. One of my greatest pleasures is watching the morning ablutions of the waterfowl before they start their day. I am happy to be part of an ever growing community that actively works to protect our precious planet.
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Joanna Haywood

South West Wales

Joanna Haywood, South West Wales

Fun and sociable family friendly Litter picks organised out of Newgale and north Pembs.
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Emma Rommer

South West London & Surrey

Emma Rommer, London & Surrey

After joining a Plastic Patrol clean up in May 2019 and being overwhelmed by the amount of litter collected it highlighted how much more there is that's not obvious to us! As a lover of nature I want to do my part and help spread awareness so we can help our beautiful planet! I'm a big fan of hiking, I enjoy cycling and have recently taken up paddleboarding thanks to Plastic Patrol! I'm also a keen photographer, particularly of nature and capturing/sharing its beauty, and am a yogi and newly qualified instructor, so hoping to share this in my volunteering with the cause!
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Allie Mills


Allie Mills, London

Allie is a wildlife conservationist and bubbly eco-warrior who has worked in the UK and across the world. Working with endangered marine species, Allie has witnessed first hand the perils of marine plastic pollution and the impact it can have on wildlife. Her passion and commitment has led her to take part in beach cleans on 4 different continents. She loves being active and adventuring, and has a soft spot for cake.
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Kim Cox

South East - Epsom

Kim Cox, South East

Hi I'm Kim. I am originally from South Africa but I have made the UK my home since 2013 with my husband, and now our daughter. Having grown up on the coast, I am passionate about all things to do with the ocean and the outdoors. I teach at a lovely little school where we run a plogging club once a week. I am passionate about raising awareness and educating children in ways they can help!
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Lucy Holden

East Midlands - Nottingham

Lucy Holden, East Midlands

Hi, I’m Lucy. Day to day I’m a project manager but I also teach yoga, practice sports massage, do some dog sitting and I’m now a community guardian for Planet Patrol. Variety is definitely my spice in life! I also enjoy paddle boarding, horse riding and travelling. My last big trip around Asia in 2015 really opened my eyes to the waste crisis. Since then I’ve made a huge effort to reduce my own waste and encourage friends and family to do the same. Now I’m looking forward to making a bigger impact around my local area of Nottingham.
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Hannah Bennett

North West - Oldham

Hannah Bennett, North West

Ex-Footwear Designer turned Environmentalist. I left the fashion industry as I found it to be too much of a conflict of interest with my personal morals. I embarked on the daunting process of a career change into an environmental based role. Within my new career, I now see how big the issue of littering in our waterways really is. I have previously attended Planet Patrol litterpicks on paddleboards with Lizzie, so when I saw the opportunity to become a Community Guardian and organise my own events, I couldn't wait to get involved and be part of such a great initiative.
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Emma Anderson


Emma Anderson, Oxfordshire

Hello, my name is Emma. I've been living and working in Oxford for the last 5 years and have devoted my time to becoming embedded in the place and building community. I work at a place-based social action charity in Oxford, dedicated to tackling inequality in the City. I also volunteer with various local groups. I have an allotment and live by the river (which I swim in most days). I plan to organise clean ups locally on Port Meadow in Oxford which is a beautiful area of commonland which loads of local people and wildlife enjoy but can be full of litter. I want to get more people picking up and logging their litter in the app.
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Helen Goodwin

South East - Essex

Helen Goodwin, South East

Hello I work for the NHS and when I’m not at work I love to be outdoors with my dog walking the coastal paths and beaches. I hope I can do my little bit to inspire people to love their environment and have a collective responsibility to make it even better.
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Ruxandra Calin


Ruxandra Calin, London

Rux is driven by the daily mantra that change doesn’t come easy. One needs to work hard to create a better world for the current and future generations. Her biggest concerns regarding the world we live in are climate crisis and education. In her spare time, she mostly enjoys cycling long distance, yoga & taking care of her home jungle.
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Emma Lousada

Scotland - St Andrews

Emma Lousada, Scotland

Hi! My name is Emma Lousada, I am currently a 4th year student at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. I am an avid sportswoman and I cannot wait to combine this with my love for the environment and a desire to clean up our community. I am also incredibly keen to get as many other students involved in our mission and activities here at Planet Patrol.
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Rosie Cordy


Rosie Cordy, London

Hello! I am a secondary school French and Spanish teacher from west London. It’s motivating to be around young people at school, some of whom are so conscious of protecting our planet and ready to make a change! I’m frustrated by our supermarkets’ lack of resolve to tackle the problem of plastic which is threatening our planet. Planet Patrol are not only fighting the cause but also keeping people fit and connecting people! I know that we, as individuals, can do so much to help, but I also feel it’s crucial to hold big businesses accountable, and urge them to consider the implications of plastic pollution.
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Justine Lounici


Justine Lounici, London

Bonjour! I am Justine, 28 years old, originally from France and now based in Haggerston, London. Trying to do some good for the planet, I also love biking and playing harp.
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Nilay Kamdar


Nilay Kamdar, London

I'm someone who loves the great outdoors, and is aspiring to do the Seven Summits. Along the way I want to clean up our planet and be able to encourage less waste pollution. I'm going to start with my local community with Planet Patrol - and then see where the journey goes!
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Alice Colyer

South West Wales

Alice Colyer, South West Wales

I'm Alice from Pembrokeshire (SW Wales). I became part of Planet Patrol to spread awareness to others about how they can change behaviours and have a positive impact on the environment. - there's only so much sustainable chat that my friends and family can put up with and I would like to channel my passion and energy into something productive! When I'm not working or litter picking I love cycling, swimming, climbing, kayaking, hiking, playing hockey and cooking.
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Adya Misra

North West

Adya Misra, North West

Adya is a flat water kayak coach and loves leading small groups of paddlers at her local canoe club. She also blogs about her adventures, hoping to inspire other women to try paddlesports. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Adya noticed a sharp increase in littering in the beautiful UNESCO world heritage city of Liverpool where she is based. Armed with her kayak or paddleboard, Adya enjoys cleaning up the local waterways and inspiring others to join her, while discussing ways to reduce our use of single use plastic.
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Kate Weston

South East Wales

Kate Weston, South East Wales

I work as an NHS lab assistant but have a background in marine biology. I’ve travelled to amazing places, studying turtles in Mexico and Cape Verde (and got caught in the first hurricane for 150 years here!); and whales and dolphins in Florida, Australia, Wales and Europe. I’ve seen amazing things but also witnessed how litter effects the ocean. Although I worked throughout the pandemic, local green spaces have become increasingly important to me and I cannot ignore the litter here. I’m excited to inspire people in my region to take pride in their environment and tackle this problem together!
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Polly Small

South West - Salisbury

Polly Small, South West

Hi, I’m Polly. I live in Salisbury, Wiltshire, I’ve only lived here a couple of years but already love where I live. I’m a qualified primary school teacher, however I’m taking a sabbatical at the moment. I volunteer for a local charity and visit the residents of a nearby care home (when allowed). I’m an outdoor enthusiast, I love walking and running with my dog and am a qualified run leader (LiRF) through England Athletics. I enjoy paddle boarding as well and hope to improve on my skills enough to do a coaching course.
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James Sutherland

West Midlands - Shropshire

James Sutherland, West Midlands

Originally from Scotland but now in Shropshire near the Welsh Border. I have always loved being in the outdoors and have been lucky enough to have a variety of careers based outside. I massively appreciate and understand the mental health benefits you can get from being outside. In order to preserve that for future generations, something has to be done! As a keen Paddleboarder, I have recently been involved with organising a couple of litter picks to help keep the environment clean and the engagement from passers by has been amazing. This is something that I would love to build on by being part of the Planet Patrol team.
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Charlotte Wilson

North West

Charlotte Wilson, North West

Hi I’m Charlotte and I’ll be based in Liverpool. I can’t wait to get started and try something different. Day to day I work as a toxicologist so being able to get out of the lab and back into nature is so exciting! I can’t wait to do my bit for the environment and help others make a difference.
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James Doran

West Midlands - Coventry

James Doran, West Midlands

Hi I’m James, I develop electric vehicles with a key focus on efficiency. This drove my desire to assess other aspects of my life and how I can reduce my consumption and leave behind something better.
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Charlotte Smart

South East

Charlotte Smart, South East

Hi all! I'm Charlotte, I'm a uni student studying film production in London but my home is in Oxfordshire. I've been a keen environmentalist ever since attending a very eco-conscience primary school. After travelling to Cambodia and Bali where I saw vast amounts rubbish, much from Europe I became further invested in clean ups and considered what changes I could make to benefit the wider world. As an ex competitive swimmer, swim teacher and surf lover I'm particularly keen to help protect the marine environment. I can't wait to continue bringing positive change together! See you soon! x
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Josie Roach

South East - Surrey

Josie Roach, South East

My name is Josie and I am based in Surrey. I currently work as a Hotel manager, but spend the rest of my time outdoors or in the water! I have spent a lot of time this year thinking about the impact our behaviours have on our beautiful planet and the effect it will have on future generations. I believe that these behaviours can be changed with the right guidance and encouragement. So, I have joined Planet Patrol with the mission of helping to protect our planet so that we can continue to enjoy it for generations to come.
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Nick Stamp


Nick Stamp, London

I'm a Facilities Manager from London, and also a Dad to a baby girl, Oona, and a cat, called Penny. I love food, travel and kindness and I'm keen to help make the world a better place in whatever small ways I can.
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Klaudia Kozlowska


Klaudia Kozlowska, London

I love nature and believe it can do wonders for our well being! I am currently working in Special Needs Education and am passionate about empowering young people to take charge of the future and look after the world. I am looking forward to further growing this community and to meet like-minded people on fun-filled litter picks!
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Heidi Woods


Heidi Woods, Hampshire

I love the outdoors and have hiked since childhood. I now hike and SUP with my dog Molly, so I'm in the country or on the water constantly. I’m frustrated that our presence in nature leaves evidence in the form of litter especially the volume in our waterways! I want to look after our planet in return for the huge physical and mental benefits nature gives me. I hope to help create change through education and engagement. Now is the time!
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Lee Tayler


Lee Tayler, Norfolk

Founder of a lockdown start up; Norfolk Paddle Boards, a hire company giving people the chance to explore the 'Fine City' by river. After falling in love with paddleboarding, he decided to buy 10 to give others the chance to try this awesome mode of travel! Spending so much time outdoors, Lee realised that he was 'used to seeing litter' and it had begun to blend into his view of the landscape. As a Community Guardian, Lee wants to encourage people to take care of our garden we all live in, spending little, but regular time collecting litter / whilst at the same time encouraging them to think differently about the litter we all create.
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Fran Watkin

South Wales

Fran Watkin, South Wales

I am Fran and in the day I am a teacher at a comprehensive school in South Wales. In my spare time I love getting outdoors with my children and exploring our local area. I am passionate about paddleboarding and enjoy how it can allow me to reconnect with nature. I have seen an increase in human impact on the environment and want to make positive changes and support work that has that positive ethos.
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Kerry Brown


Kerry Brown, Hampshire

I'm Kerry and a keen paddleboarder and runner. I have been paddle boarding for 9 years now and absolutely love being out on the water. I love being outdoors whether this be sea dipping, running the trails or exploring new waters on my paddleboard. I have previously worked with Surfers against Sewage and my local council in my area to organise clean ups and promote awareness, this has been a great success. I am passionate about protecting our shorelines and making them litter and plastic free for the wildlife and for our future. I am looking forward to organising some litter cleans on and off the water with Planet Patrol!
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Gill Ryan


Gill Ryan, Hampshire

Hi my name is Gill, I live in Fareham, Hampshire, married and a mum of 2. I'm passionate about spending time on my paddleboard exploring my local creek, canals and the open sea. I love organising community meet ups on the water, finding new SUP buddies and now I want to mix that in with saving the planet by collecting litter along the way. It’s important we all do our bit, I want to educate my children so they grow up respecting the planet. I won’t lie it’s a learning process for me too but I'm passionate and want to help.
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