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Join Planet Patrol’s Student Network

Please note that the next Student Network cohort will start in early 2022. 

Planet Patrol’s Student Network programme is a growing community of passionate and eco-conscious students championing and advancing Planet Patrol’s mission for a sustainable, litter-free future.

What does it involve?

By joining the Student Network, you’ll become a representative of the Planet Patrol movement within your university. You’ll receive training and support from the Planet Patrol team to help you organise and run your own litter-picking events and connect with other clubs, societies and individuals.

Your role as a member of the Student Network will include:

  • Organise and run litter picks for other students at your university, following Planet Patrol’s clean up blueprint
  • Ensure all litter collected is recorded in the Planet Patrol app
  • Collaborate with other sports clubs and societies within your university to run activity-based clean ups and grow the Planet Patrol Student Network
  • Recruit local hospitality businesses (cafes, bars and restaurants) to encourage them to take the Planet Patrol Eco Pledge
  • Plan and run fundraising events
  • Represent Planet Patrol and act in a professional manner
  • Look after litter picking equipment
  • Report on your events and progress to the Planet Patrol team

You’ll gain valuable experience, knowledge and skills to further your own career development, whilst doing your bit to help clean up the planet. You’ll also have the chance to meet and collaborate with other like-minded university students from across the UK.

What does it take to be a member of the Planet Patrol Student Network?

To join the Planet Patrol Student Network, you don’t need any qualifications. Planet Patrol is looking for students who are organised, enthusiastic, good communicators and relationship-builders. Most importantly, they want students who are passionate about their mission to achieve a greener, more sustainable, litter-free future and who want to get others involved in helping to make this a reality.

All UK University students are eligible to apply.

How do I get involved?

If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved in, it’s really easy to apply. Follow this link to the Uni Network page of Planet Patrol’s website and fill out an application form: https://planetpatrol.co/uni-network/

Once accepted, you’ll be invited to an onboarding Zoom call with the Planet Patrol team to explain your role a little further and get started!

Please note that the next Student Network cohort will start in early 2022. 

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