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Take the Planet Patrol Pledge and help save one million animals #OneForOne

Every year, at least one million animals die because of plastic pollution. It’s time to create accountability, and with the power of technology available at our fingertips, we can all do something about it.

Our goal is to remove one million pieces of plastic pollution from nature and log it in the Planet Patrol app. Each piece representing one animal that has suffered at the hands of plastic pollution.

Every single piece removed is a victory, but it’s not enough without logging it as evidence and trace the problem back to source.

Our team of dedicated scientists will use the data to identify trends and patterns – building an impartial, robust evidence base to help inform industry and public policy around smarter and more circular packaging solutions, and responsible manufacturing behaviour.

Be part of the #OneForOne movement. Join a global network of people taking the Planet Patrol Pledge to help save the one million animals that are being killed by plastic pollution. The Pledge is simple:

  1. See it – pick up just 10 pieces of plastic waste you find in nature and log it in the Planet Patrol app.
  2. Snap it – write #PlanetPatrol on the palm of your hand and take a photo (see below for an example).
  3. Pledge it – share the photo on Instagram and /or Facebook using the Planet Patrol Pledge caption below, replacing the three names with three people you challenge to take the pledge.

Every piece collected and logged and every photo shared counts. We can’t do this without you. So please stand with us, take the pledge and join our fight against plastic pollution so we can all be part of a brighter future.

Copy & paste the below Pledge caption for your Instagram/Facebook post:

ONE MILLION animals die every year because of plastic pollution. Suffocation, entanglement and digestive blockages are just some of the reasons. This is an unprecedented crisis on a global scale. It’s time to fight back and protect the animals that can’t protect themselves.

That’s why I’m taking the @onplanetpatrol pledge to pick up 10 pieces of plastic waste I find in nature – where it shouldn’t be – and logging it in the @onplanetpatrol app (see link in bio to download).

We need to capture the types and brands of plastic polluting our planet and build an undeniable evidence base so the scientists at Planet Patrol can trace it all back to those responsible. Their target for 2019 is simple but powerful: to remove and log one million pieces to protect one million species. #OneForOne

I challenge @insertName1 @insertName2 @insertName3 to take the Planet Patrol Pledge. Share your hand print selfie to show commitment to the cause and nominate three more people to get involved.

#PlanetPatrol #ForTheMillion #PiecesForSpecies

LINK TO INCLUDE IN BIO: planetpatrol.co/download-our-app/

An example pledge photo:

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